Free Seminar Awaken and Empower

Free Seminar Awaken and Empower


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About The Event

 An introductory Session with Dr. Rinki Srivastav, who has been mentoring and healing people in discovering and using their full potential of inner creative powers of self-growth, self-healing, awakening and evolving in their highest good, and helping them in leading a happy and healed life... for last 14 years.

Her experiences of providing solutions to issues related to life at Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual levels using Holistic and Alternative Approach, enriched her as a therapist and trainer.


*Group Healings & Meditation
*Emotional & Physical Healings
*Mind Power
*ThetaHealing & session
*Mind, Body and Soul
*Ancestral Healings
*Soul & Karma Healings
*Money Consciousness
*Heal your Entire Life- Self Healing & Self-Empowerment
*Belief Systems


Special Offers *available
*T&C applicable

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