Personal Effectiveness Program to Upgrade CAREER, BUSINESS, SALES and Leadership Skills

Personal Effectiveness Program to Upgrade CAREER, BUSINESS, SALES and Leadership Skills


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    Personal Effectiveness Program to UPGRADE your CAREER, BUSINESS SALES

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About The Event

I hope you are in good health and Happiness in this festive time.

You upgrade your computer software, what about upgrading self?

The future belongs to the Leaders whose actions are built on emotional intelligence (EQ) with core values. Conventional tools based on rationality only are ill suited to meet current challenges.

Root cause of all problems in this world is mind. Toxic mind is causing turmoil in the family, organisation, society, country, community and in yourself. If you want to conquer the world first you have to conquer yourself. We are seeing the problem outside and searching the solution also outside; therefore spending all the energy and resources to control outside than own self. We are reducing our horizon and creating enemy all around. At the end we are living in fear and trying to guard our self against self.

Cleaning our body and mind is very important to lead a balanced, happy and successful life. A person’s success is determined by the state of one’s mind. If there is dirt in your room, what you do? You must be cleaning the room and throw away the rubbish. If there is dirt on your body, what you do? You must be going for a shower. But if there is a dirt in your mind, how do you clean?

While you are at the workplace, especially as a sales professional, you may get lots of rejection. Sometime these objections and rejections depress you and stop you to act again with the same positive mental attitude; as our mind reminds us of the bad experiences rather than the good experiences. Therefore you need to clean your mind on a regular basis to remain positive and enthusiastic; so that you can perform at your workplace with greater effectiveness.

We invite you to attend a Free Personal Effectiveness Program to Upgrade CAREER, BUSINESS, SALES and Leadership Skills

We can have great ideas but they are no good to our organisation and our career, if we can’t express them clearly, confidently and persuasively.

Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone, but the best way to develop oneself. 

To enhance your public speaking & presentation skills we have created a right environment & platform for this special purpose to practice again & again till it becomes a satisfying experience for you.

The training programs are taken by the best Life Coach, Mentor, Author and the best Leadership Coach for last 12 years in Hyderabad Mr. Dipankar Biswas

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