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Heripatt healing is a major breakthrough in the healing domain. Its something everyone has been waiting for since a long long time. 
Heripatt in simple terms is nothing but the default, compulsive, repetitive, negative hereditary patterns we carry in us from the time of our birth. We all know that we inherit so many things from our forefathers, everything from genetic looks to money to property to habits to mannerisms to skills to qualities possessed. Do you think thats all? No friends, 
We carry in us, the traumas, tragedies, diseases, pain, grief, beliefs, emotions and other such negative vices also of our forefathers or ancestors. 
Our forefathers unfinished business and unresolved issues are passed down to us energetically and keep affecting us, till not released. 
Havent we heard’ You are just like your father or your grandfather’ or ‘You get angry the same way like your grandmother’ etc. Just by a little awareness and contemplation you can easily find out the patterns in your life and family.
What are the examples of Heripatts?
Let us categorize life issues. The 4 main verticals running our life are health, wealth, relationships and emotional states.
In health issues the common Heripatts are diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. 
In wealth the issues are struggle, failure, non achievement, property issues, not getting enough money / scarcity , unsuccessful in business, etc . 
In relationships the common Heripatts are divorce / break up, no marriage, no child, miscarriages, etc. 
In emotional states, the issues are anger, violence, fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, etc.
To keep it simple and specific, you and your children are strong candidates to all negative patterns of illnesses, accidents, money issues, emotional traumas, failed relationships, etc which have happened in your family with either your mother or father, grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt.
Our life is programmed to these Heripatts, come what may its very very difficult to break even a single of this pattern. No amount of healings, spiritual or rational methods can work fully to remove Heripatts from our lives, simply because its roots are not there in us, they just flow in us from our passed away home folks or forefathers and would continue to do so to our descendants, until its not stopped here.
Enough is Enough – Lets Stop Here.
Come, join me for a free intro talk on Heripatt healing. 
A major breakthrough is waiting for you..

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