Free Happiness Blueprint Workshop

Free Happiness Blueprint Workshop


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About The Event

An opportunity to Join FREE HAPPINESS BLUEPRINT experiential Workshop worth Rs. 5000. Register NOW!
Have you ever wondered why a new car, a new relationship or even a new job doesn’t give a long lasting happiness?
Although, these above instances seem to give us a high but very soon it fades away. The same holds true for negative instances in life as well. No matter what we get or don’t get it in life, in short span of time, we come back to same level of happiness.
So, can we say that our day-to-day happiness is fixed to a certain point?
If your answer is YES, then you seem to be right, because decades of research in positive psychology, popularly known as “Science of Happiness” also tell us the same.
The next question that comes to our mind is how do we experience and sustain happiness?
Simple answer is by taking this set point of happiness upwards and that's what Happiness Blueprint workshop is all about.
If this makes sense then here’s an opportunity for you to attend a FREE 2.5 hours experiential workshop "Happiness Blueprint".
Dates & Timing: Saturday, 21st January, 2017 (3:30 pm to 6 pm)
Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Limited Seats !!
CALL NOW for Registration : 08425958212
Benefit of Enhancing My Happiness:
When you are happy, everything seems to be easy and fun but when you are unhappy and trapped in your own emotional world, enjoying a cup of tea seems like a far fetched idea. If that is so how can we even imagine to achieve our life goals and targets seems without being happy first. Thanks to Science of Happiness, you have access to all scientific tools to happiness which gives you :
72% Higher Life Satisfaction
22% Less Heart Risk
37% stronger immunity
45% better relationships
29% lesser stress hormones
Also avail opportunity to be certified Happiness Coach.

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