One Day free event on Agile and Scrum Fundamentals

One Day free event on Agile and Scrum Fundamentals


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About The Event

The future of project management lies in becoming Agile, some facts below proves this point:
According to a research done by IDC, 70+% of software development failures are result of poor requirement gathering and management.

A QSMA study shows that Agile development delivers product 37% faster and with 16% greater productivity as compared to fundamental models.
This program introduces agile and scrum to the audience and follows a life cycle approach where audience get to learn how to get started with and practice agile and scrum in real life projects.


What’s in it for you?

  • Certificate of Participation for 7 Contact hours, which can be claimed as 7 SEUs (Scrum Education units) for CSP (Certified scrum professional) or 7 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for PMI-ACP.
  • 10% discount for all participants in our future courses of iZenBridge.
  • Enjoy the fun in highly interactive workshop


Content Outline

  • Essence of Agile: A brief introduction to agile, discuss how agile is different from traditional methods, agile principles and values, and vital role of flexibility and stability in agile.
  • User Stories: A tool used for writing requirement in agile projects.
  • Agile Estimations: This section takes us to the black art, art of estimating the software project work, discusses agile sizing and estimation techniques. Also discusses estimation game and planning poker.
  • Release Planning: the lesson talks about agile planning, velocity estimates, release date
  • Scrum Basics: Conceptual learning and understanding of Scrum
  • Sprint: This lesson takes in depth of time boxed iterations, how the scrum iterations should be planned and managed
  • Scrum Roles: We discuss the three scrum roles in detail here.
  • Scrum Ceremonies: This sections introduces the scrum ceremonies to the audience, we discuss the goal of these ceremonies and rituals followed.
  • Scrum Artifacts: This section introduces the three scrum artifacts to the audience.

About iZenBridge- iZenBridge is a trusted online brand for Project management and scrum training. Check our Project management and Agile Videos on our Youtube Channel.

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