Food Meditation And A Conversation With Subodh Abbhi

Food Meditation And A Conversation With Subodh Abbhi


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The Food Meditation sessions continue with a slight difference this month. After the food we have invited Subodh Abbhi to talk about his bio diversity farm near Dehradun.


Makki ki roti (Corn roti)
Sarson ka saag (Mustard spinach)
Brown Rice
Chana ki Daal
Lassi (Buttermilk)

In November before the mustard fields ripen to a golden yellow, the tender young leaves are plucked to make this absolutely delicious spinach (combined with bathua (Pigweed) and eaten traditionally with a corn roti.

India does not rank very high in the list of countries with healthy food habits. Except maybe Punjab with its traditional peasant meal of ‘sarson da saag’ and ‘makki di roti’ washed down with a glass of sweet or salted lassi. The accompanying imagery of ripening yellow mustard fields and the earthy Punjabi song and dance completes this idyllic picture.

Unfortunately some spoilsport German scientists discovered (1937) that the iron content claimed for spinach (by another scientist in 1870) was wrong by 90%. Popeye went into hiding amid claims that he was on steroids all along!!! Later it was also discovered that the absorption of iron from spinach was only about 3% making spinach not a great source of iron or even calcium. Nevertheless the myth persists and we hope you enjoy this traditional Punjabi meal.

Subodh Abbhi is an environmental activist and was responsible along with others in preventing the massive expansion of the Ranbaxy Group in the Sirmur district in Himachal. He has been involved with the local people, in ensuring transparency in governance making extensive use of the RTI Act.

He is farming a 25 acre Biodynamic and Vedic Farm growing certified organic: Mangoes; strawberry; Litchi; Wheat; Rice and Vegetables. His organization ‘The Sylvan Heights Vedic & Biodynamic Farm’ works with ‘the energies which create and maintain life to secure a healthy soil and healthy plants.’ They use the technique of ‘agnihotra’ which is a part of ancient Vedic practices of medicine, agriculture and climate engineering. The brown rice that we eat today is biodynamically produced at his farm.

Charges:  Rs 125.

Organized by Anaam, food cooked by Sangita.

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