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About The Event

(Note: Workshop is only for entrepreneurs) 

Where your business will reach if you get speed in execution? How much will you be able to earn if you get focused and get best out of your experience and opportunities available in the market? 

Believe me, you have no idea where you will reach and how much you will be earning in your business. Focus is so powerful that it allowed Thomas Edison to do 10,000 experiments before making the bulb. I promise you FOCUS can help you to produce miracles in your business.

"Focus - Results in business" - Power to 10x your growth is a workshop specifically designed for entrepreneurs. In this, you will learn practical tools based on detail study of science and research which will help you to boost your focus so that you can produce more results in less time. Remember everyone has 24 hours in a day but one who has more focus get more results in life


  • Get speed in execution
  • Way of thinking which boost growth and success in business.
  • Formula for accuracy of results
  • Difference between TIME and FOCUS
  • Neuroscience behind FOCUS
  • And much more… 

Seats are available on first come first serve basis. 


Gaurav Arora is India's only Focus Mastery Coach. In last 4 years he has spoken in front of 3000 people and in last 2 years have personally trained 40+ entrepreneurs. He is expert at coaching entrepreneurs and helping them to build focus and productivity. His Clients have even doubled their business. 

You can check more about him on his website.



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