Fitness 2.0 Workshop

Fitness 2.0 Workshop


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About The Event

An ultimate real world approach to your fitness goals.


Aristocrat life skills mentorship series presents fitness 2.0 workshop to simplify and easily attain your fitness goals


What is fitness 2.0?

If you ever wanted to lose weight get firm and toned, improve your strength/endurance, increase in weight, focus on overall fitness, you would have probably done the following stuffs.


  1. Being on a diet/exercise plan that was on a book or somebody told you

  2. Joined a gym only to experience pain and not gain anything

  3. Hired a personal trainer only to find that doesn’t work.

  4. That’s exactly is the traditional fitness 1.0


Fitness 2.0 is Aristocrat’s way to empower you through, personalized exercise and nutrition programs, designed specially for you, regardless of your health & fitness goals and is backed up with evidence based real science and proven results.


The program is ideal for


1. Fitness trainers, who wants to excel in their career.

2. Fitness enthusiasts, Body builders and Active people.

3. People who have health goals and want to become extraordinary and to decipher the ‘Hero’s’ journey to change their life and take it to the next level.

4. People who are interested in body building, muscle gain, fat loss, become lean and strong.

5. Any man/woman/boy/girl who wants to become ‘the alpha’ to unleash their true potential and lead others by example.


Specifically you will learn the following:


1. Concepts of fitness which are scientifically proven to become your best

2. Strategies to optimize your hormonal responses.

3. How to effectively control and manage your eating habits, your diet through various types of intermittent fasting specially tailored for you.

4. Various types of exercise and food plans specially designed to work for you

5. Various phases of exercise that consistently take you to the next level

6. A deeper understanding about calories, growth and development, food sources that realizes your fitness goals sharply.

7. Exercise physiology, customizing exercises, individualized satiation diets and the knowledge to frame strategies for your own fitness goals.




1. A marvellous interactive experience with our professionally certified mentors in the field of body building, exercise physiology, sports medicine, cross fit, boot camp and mixed material arts training.

2. E-Learning materials and post workshop support

3. Clarity on the fitness industry and goals




  1. The program will be customized for individual goals

  2. Lunch and beverages will be provided on all days.

  3. No previous Knowledge on the subject is essential for this workshop.

  4. Age: 15 and above







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