Awaken Health - Awaken your good health!

Awaken Health - Awaken your good health!


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Awaken Health

awaken your good health

Modern medicine originated from the study of physics. In Newton’s time 300 years ago it was deemed that the body be treated like a machine. It takes no account of the power of the mind, the energy field and the ability to harvest positive intent.

When we believe positive thoughts we release positive chemicals into our body and when we believe negative thoughts we release negative chemicals into our body. Those have a profound effect on how our cells are behaving and how our nutrition is used.

The current system is disease centric rather than healing centric. This belief system affects our behavior.

A belief in a cause & cure is the body’s strongest medicine.

This program is designed to help you overcome the current beliefs to one of health, positivity and fulfillment.

 The Process

Our intuitive healers are experienced working with many acute and also chronic cases to help them recover fully. They are able to diagnose what is imbalanced in your body and then channel positive healing energy to that area of your self to bring back balance and restoring your peace in mind and body.

There is time spent with the one who seeks betterment to understand what their intentions are. Overcoming the prior belief system in most cases is the biggest hurdle to the healing process. We help the individual overcome the conditions set upon them for them to understand they can heal and lead a life of positivity and vibrance. 

We have worked with recovery of chronic conditions which have persisted for very long time periods. Including reversal of diabetes, cancer, long/short sight and other such conditions.

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