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About The Event

find Co-founder@lamakaan 18 Jan 2015 11am-12:55pm

is a "Pre- Start-up Event" unlike the regular Start-up events, which are mostly focused on hacking a start-up in a weekend, meeting investors for money.

This is a step prior to it, finding a Co-founder, it's as serious as finding a life partner, Match making.


If you dnot have a right partner (co-founder) its boring tiresome for a marathon in this start-up world. Even the investors love start-ups with co-founders, single co-founder start-ups are always less* attractive to investors

So if you want to find Co-founders for your start-up (any stage Idea stage, alpha, beta or already launched), you can come and try to find one on this do

we have conducted such co-founder introduction session previously and found that, Home work is the best thing to make this trip to Lamakaan fruitful,

1. Registrer yoursel at this link : Registration Link

2. prepare a PPT or few slides to show onwhat you are working on to find best partner co-founder for your start-up

3. send us the ppt slides and your website link ory our app, before the 'Co-founder Meetup" so that, we can share this to people who are planning to attend this event, so that, no impulsive decision are made, but you get a steady mind

4. prepare for a quick demo on that day (so bring your slide in a thumbdrive) - 

           slides must have a ) 1 page intro of yourself

                                   b ) 1 page introd of your start-up

                                  c ) 1 page intro of "what type/skills your co-founder must have"

                                 d ) clear contact details of your (email, phone, Li, fb, twitter) so that co-founders can connect and you may hook up later

thats of four now

spread the word, by sharing this link on your  Li, fb, twitter pages




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