FInancial Modeling Training - Hyderabad

FInancial Modeling Training - Hyderabad


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    Financial Modleing conducted on Sat Sun from 12:00PM to 04:00PM

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    Financial Modleing conducted on Sat Sun from 12:00PM to 04:00PM

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    Financial Modleing conducted on Sat Sun from 12:00PM to 04:00PM

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About The Event

Training, Internship and Freelancing.

Multiple Intake dates every month, please check training calendar

All Sessions are available on Classroom & Online LIVE Relay session. Click here for free Demo. 
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JPFIS is an independent equity research firm we offer unbiased and independent opinion on Indian stock markets to Indian diaspora spread across the globe.  JPFIS is also engaged in providing Financial Modeling consulting to various infrastructure companies focused on NHAI road projects across India.

JPFIS also provided executive education on Equity Research and Analysis via classroom and live online learning medium.  Our program is focused on imparting strong fundamental and practical skills required to master company valuation and financial modeling.

All our valuation sessions are conducted on live projects that JPFIS is currently engaged in; post training delegates also get a chance to enhance their understanding & exposure by way of contributing in our current projects via offsite internship, although internship is completely options but is highly encouraged. Select delegates may also get a chance to work on paid freelancing projects.

Program Details
The Financial / Equity Research Analyst program is conducted in 3 modules, delegates may choose to enroll for all modules or selected modules. For a detailed structure of the program please download the brochure.

Module 1 - Valuation Concepts and Techniques - 20 Hours
This intensive 20 hour training in advance equity valuation concepts aims to equip participants with skills required to effectively evaluate companies and assets. The course covers an overview of different equity valuation methods and explains fundamental framework. You will have a chance to go through various ratios analysis including cash flows, discount rates and periods, capital structure and more.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course participants will be able to: 
•Differentiate and apply the main types of equity valuation from absolute (DCF, EVA, APV) to relative (P/E, EV/EBIT. EV/EBITDA) methods
•Evaluate balance sheet as well as profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements.
•Use comparative company valuation and calculate multiples in practice.
•Have an understanding of DCF model structure and how it is used to value a company in practice.
•Learn the fundamentals of future cash flow valuation.
•Calculate the cost of capital and understand the basics of discounted rates and periods.
•Be able to use a DCF model to build a total value of the firm with core and non-core assets.

Module 2 - Advance Excel for Financial Modeling - 20 Hours
The program is conducted in Work-shop format with strong emphasis on learning by doing. The program starts with basics of Ms-Excel and moves on to cover advance features of Ms-Excel in the context of financial analysis and data interpretation. The program emphasis will be on effectively navigating Ms-Excel, using shortcuts to perform actions faster, automating routine tasks using Macros & VBA and data analysis using pivot tables, data tables etc.

Learning Objectives

•Excel Environment and Useful Features
•Excel Functions & Useful Features
•Advance Functions (Finance, Statistical, forecasting etc.,) 
•Data / Financial Analysis
•Dynamic Sheets / User Controls
•Build Dynamic Charts for Excel Dashboards. 
•Integrate dynamic controls and objects.

Module 3 - Financial Modeling for Valuation 20 Hours
Financial model is a quantitative representation of financial information. A financial model is used by the financial analyst and may be constructed for many purposes, including: valuation of a security, forecasting project cast flows, portfolio management etcs.,

The focus of our program will be on financial modeling relates to Equity Valuation and some pointers to make complex models in MS-Excel using macros and VBA techniques.

Learning Objectives
•Guidelines for setting up a Financial Model.
•Obtaining Source Financial Data
•Setting up model framework
•Historical Analysis
•Determining Growth drivers
•Arriving at key assumptions
•Forecasting Income Statement
•Modeling Fixed Assets
•Forecasting Balance Sheet
•Building cash flow statements

•Estimating cost of equity
•Estimating discount rate/WACC
•Asset Based Valuation
•Multiplier Models
•Present Value Models
•Discounted Cash Flow
•Free Cash Flow to Firm
•Free Cash Flow to Equity
•Dividend Discount Models.

Internship (Optional) 
Post Training delegates can participate in real time Equity Research Analysis projects JPFIS is currently covering. A three month internship certificate will be issued to delegates completing 4 research reports.


Terms & Conditions

Cancellation, Transfer, and Substitution Policy: All registrations are final and are not entitled for refund in full or part
Under any circumstances. However, delegates can transfer or substitute another delegate for the training program, and
such a transfer or substitution will attract a a transfer fee of 10% of the registration fee. Which must be paid prior to the
start of the training program

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