Master Public Speaking to achieve Financial Freedom in 90 days

Master Public Speaking to achieve Financial Freedom in 90 days


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About The Event

Welcome to master Public Speaking to achieve Financial Freedom in 90 days.

Public Speaking is an art which can be developed through practise. It helps to develop your leadership qualities, and improve your social and personal life. Public Speaking brings out your leadership qualities and helps to interact with leaders from different fields. 
Leaders are the initiators. Are you ready to take up the initiative to lead yourself and others? Before we venture to lead others we must be able to lead ourselves. We must be balanced emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Life Management Academy is the place to hone your leadership qualities.

Let me ask you a question, can you make money?

The only people can make money are the people who work in mint. Rest of us have to earn money and money can be earned by two different ways. We can earn money through exchange of goods or services. 

The service is exchanged through contribution Intellectual Resource (Knowledge) and Emotional Resource.

To convert my knowledge into earnings I should be emotionally sound. Emotion plays a vital role in our life. We do whatever we feel good or feel right. If I am doing what is right for me to achieve my financial goal in spite of all the emotional turmoil, I become emotionally intelligent.

I realised, our trouble is not ignorance, but inaction. I will only benefit from what I practise in everyday life. Knowing and Doing are poles apart

Anger is a negative emotion. It’s the biggest obstacle towards my path of success and happiness in spite of having all the skills and knowledge.

Q. Last one month how many times did you get angry, let it be on any situation or person? And the reason……


Q. Who got hurt most in the process?  Whose BP went up?

Our core values and time is our spiritual asset

In this program you will master the art of convering your potentials into earning by using your core values, Time Management and Stress Management Techniques

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