Finance for Non-Finance

Finance for Non-Finance


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About The Event

Latitude Consultancy is happy to announce the 'Finance for Non-Finance' Workshop.



The workshop aims to meet the requirements of individuals who would like to educate themselves with the introductory nuances of finance in different functional areas. The workshop is designed to provide necessary knowledge to:

a) Enhance role as decision-makers,

b) To help them understand the implications of finance on corporate activities,

c) To help them understand financial statements and their key elements,

d) To make them confident to discuss the relevant financial issues in their organization,

e) To help them understand the impact of various decisions on company's performance.



1. Understanding financial statements

  • Balance sheet
  • P&L account
  • Schedule III
  • Cash flow statements
  • Net profit v/s Net cash flow
  • Related ratios and Interpretations

2. Understanding working capital management

  • Components of working capital
  • Kinds of working capital
  • Working capital cycle
  • Working capital finance
  • Management and decision making

3. Cost concepts

  • Types of cost
  • Understanding cost behavior
  • Marginal costing
  1. Make or buy
  2. Shut down or continue
  3. Sell or process further
  4. Domestic versus export sale

4. Budgets

  • Need and types of budgets
  • Alternative approaches for budgeting
  • Commonly used budgets
  • Budgetary control process
  • Limitations of budgets

5. Capital budgeting

  • Meaning and need
  • Cost of capital
  • Techniques of capital budgeting

6. Means of financing

  • Share capital
  • Term loans
  • Debentures
  • Leasing

7. Financial markets

  • Financial markets
  • Capital markets
  • Stock exchanges

8. Financial instruments - Shares, debentures, derivatives


Workshop highlight

Participants shall be awarded Certificate of Participation.


Who should attend

The workshop will be beneficial for Owners of a business, Mid-level managers, Head of divisions/functions, Self-employed professionals, Managers of trust/society and corporations, Entrepreneurs.



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