FIGMENTS: Enduring Stories and You

FIGMENTS: Enduring Stories and You



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About The Event

To be a person is to have a story to tell. — Isak Dinesen


Have you ever noticed that whenever we witness an event, we recall a similar story within our mind.We grew up listening to the stories from great authors, history, mythology, and off-course, from our grandparents.Listening and telling stories is as basic to human beings as eating. 


More so, in fact, for while food makes us live, stories are what make our lives worth living.Then why restrict us to hear stories of one language, while our country has a culture of celebrating the literature of more than thirty languages.


We welcome you to a journey where we celebrate the diversity of multiple languages through reciting few of the classic and unexplored gems of their masters.The session is divided into three sessions and each session would present you tales from the legends of Bengali, Hindi and English literature.We genuinely believe that art has no language and this is our vision to celebrate the unexplored treasure of all the Indian languages under one platform.You can attend the session of one or all language with one ticket.


In Bengali, we have come with few untold pieces from Ravindranath Tagore and other prominent authors.Hindi would be celebrated by one of the most unexpected love stories of all the time.In English, you would be moved and shocked by the known, yet unknown tales of the literary world.


Each story would be followed by a small discussion where you can share your feelings and personal statement.We welcome everyone to explore the untouched gems of their own language and share the stories in our future events.Also, we welcome you to become a part of this journey with your own stories and read it with LORE.The stories can be of any theme, language, and dialect.


We are looking for the originals and classics in Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Kashmiri, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Odia, Malayalam, Manipuri and all other languages.Please send your stories to us. In case you want to read with us, we welcome you with open arms.


Kindly contact us on our Facebook page "LORE"



About The LORE:-


"LORE" has been created to share stories which are deeply rooted in our life.Across India, there are stories and work in all the language which deserve our attention and love."LORE" is an initiative to read, write and share stories in all languages.

We believe that stories consist of the values and learning of the real life.Each and every story unfolds another world for the reader or listener and still, it connects with us on a personal level.We encourage people to look and explore the untold stories and write if it's not there.

LORE provides a platform to all who love to connect with the jewels of a different language.Come and embark on this journey, together.If you can not turn your life into a story, you must become the part of someone's else story.




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