Book Online Tickets for Feng Shui Online Workshop, Mumbai.  The Soul Studio Presents,                                                   Basic Feng Shui Whatsapp Course.~If yo

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About The Event

 The Soul Studio Presents,

                                                   Basic Feng Shui Whatsapp Course.

~If you were asked how do you feel to be living in a home full of mess? clothes disorganized, utenils thrownup all over, garbage littered around on all corners
Would you still live in?
~If your Office always had documents cluttered all over with no organization or planning of any sort or Appreciation. 
Would you still work there?
~If relations felt stingy and hurtful, would you choose to continue?
~If these above ones are unacceptable, then why negative energy around us is acceptable with no action taken? 

Join in for the most fascinating workshop coming week, where you'll learn;
1: What is Feng Shui?
2: How does it affect us on my psyche & Living?
3: All Directions and their significance
4: Improve relationship with Feng shui 
5: Feng shui for attracting wealth
6: Feng shui for enhancing better health.
7: Feng Shui for weight loss.
8: Feng Shui cures.
9: Clutter Clearing Tips.
10: Happy Home Feng Shui
11: Colour Therapy As per Feng Shui.
12: Feng Shui Items & their placements
13: Feng SHui fruits, flowers, bamboo tree, windchimes, tortoise, money toad etc & their specifications in feng shui.

Due to no time constrain, Deep insights & intricate information would be shared about the workshop. And best part is you need to be online the whole day, you can refer the audio tutorials & Literature at your leisure.

Its time to make a shift and recognize how important is the quality of energy around.

Venue: Whatsapp Workshop
Date: 18-21st March.
Energy Exchange: 1700/-
Call/Whatsapp : 9930220956



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Because When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds & physical being, but when we throw out the mental clutter, thats when we clear our souls.

*Certificate of Participation & Manual shall be Emailed by the end*

The Soul Studio.
Love & Light.

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