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Fantastic Four" a group show by Asit Patnaik, Jagannath Paul, Devidas Dharmadhikari & Om Swami


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About The Event

Pearl art Gallery presents 'Fantastic Four' a group show by Asit Patnaik, Jagannath Paul, Devidas Dharmadhikari and Om Swami.

The present show “fantastic four” bring together four very talented artists. Each artist has his own style and expression which reaches out to the viewer and appeals instantly.

There is intangibility in Asit Patnaik’s works, of words left unsaid, a certain sensitivity or sharing of feelings, and his technique and choice of colors and textures accentuate that. He appears to be in full control of the medium and is confident of bold strokes and experimentation’s to bring out his feelings on canvas. The subjects are simple, yet the treatment is what matters.

The artist feels that the true depth of feelings surfaces in emotionally moving circumstances and not necessarily in trying situations. It is the depth of emotions and feelings that separate us from animals and we need to nurture these, rather than curb apparent the need to cry or express love.

Jagannath Paul is known for his charcoals on paper or canvas. His works bring out the drama of black and white by introducing solid blocks of paint, which are restricted to reds, yellows and orange. The contrast sets the mood of the work, highlighting the character that he paints. His skillful rendering of the female form shows an innate understanding and mastery of the subject. His skillful rendering of the female form shows an innate understanding and mastery of the subject.

Om Swami is a self-taught artist whose works are renowned for their fluidity and the movements of its subjects. Even in his figurative works where no movement is depicted, one takes one look at the subject & can feel the energy within the painting.

Adhering more to a different approach and tenor, the paintings of Om Swami propounds on certain human traits like sensuality and love using bold and thick strokes. The 'She' highlighted in his paintings, to an extent is a comprehensive revision of certain traditional aspects, the archaic women, which has been in the human imagination for a long period of time.

It is very difficult to express one's own perception and self narrations of his inner self faithfully in the present age of globalization.

The various characters in Devidas Dharmadhikari work have been displayed with partly closed eyes with subdued vision and aptly demonstrate the thinking or thoughtful oneself engaged in the search of self identity of genre in the relevant arenas. It involves totally intermingling human sentiments like emotional attachments and ties of close knit relation. Hence, psychological involvement, love, joy, passion, peace, eternity, almighty and other related forms always find due place in my work so as to decorate it with vivid forms of sentimental mindscapes of any sensitive human being.

He has displayed vivid forms of expressional creative search in quest for the real inner self in his work through artistic amalgamation of relevant textural effects and highlighting the desired rhythm and ensuring visual effects in the relevant perspectives of visual fine arts.

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