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About The Event


 Resolving Issues, Problems & Patterns of Behavior



In this workshop, we witness and resolve situations of our lives by stepping away from the drama and witnessing the situation objectively. We can work with anything and everything… issues, patterns and behavior across generations, time and space. 


The facilitator will set up an energy matrix or constellation to play out a situation in your life where you desire resolution and healing. People from the group will be intuitively selected and placed in this constellation to represent different characters. When they start channeling the consciousness of characters they are playing, even if they do not know them, the entire issue gets played out like a theatre. Deep insight is achieved and the hidden dynamics causing the issue get revealed. Back in your story, as you get closer to the resolution, a deep healing takes place in your energetic space, which later manifests into your physical reality.


Facilitator Bio:


Komal is a trained family constellation facilitator, clinical hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, intuitive healer, behavioral counselor and pranic healer. She has 11 years of experience in dealing with Human Behavior, Sociology along with a deep understanding of Culture.  Komal’s journey from corporate to spiritual world has helped her give a practical approach to spirituality to include it in day to day life.


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