FACERCISE - To Look Young without Plastic  Botox.

FACERCISE - To Look Young without Plastic Botox.


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    A 2 Hour Workshop to Learn set of Facial Exercises to firm your Facial Muscles, thus iron your wrinkles, firm the sagging muscles skin, provide a radiance.

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About The Event

Have you Wondered when Regular Exercise could tone & shape your Body Muscles, could Regular Exercise tone & firm your Facial Muscles?

And Yes through Regular FACERCISE you could actually Firm & Tone your Facial Muscles! FACERCISE is a set of Synergistic Facial Exercises which when performed daily for 15 minutes a Day would Reduce Fine Lines, Iron your Smiling Line, Firm your Jaw, Reduce Eye Puffiness & address Many More Ageing issues making you Look YOUNGER & VIBRANT with results showing within 10 Days.

1. Who Can do FACERCISE?
Anyone Men or Women from the age group of 26 plus could start doing FACERCISE daily.

2. How much time does FACERCISE takes?
The set of 13 Exercises when all performed take 15 minutes maximum per day.

3. How FACERCISE works?
Like regular Exercises pump your body Muscles, similarly FACERCISE pumps our FACIAL Muscles which stretches the attached Facial Skin giving an Ironing Effect on the Facial Wrinkles.

4. Does it have any Side Effects if I stop doing it?
FACERCISE is like any other Exercise. If you stop doing an Exercise, you just Start missing the Energy & Vitality you enjoyed due to Exercise. Similarly when you STOP doing FACERCISE you miss that Vitality & Youthfulness.

5. How Long Does it take to Learn FACERCISE?
After a 2 Hour Workshop, you can immediately start doing FACERCISE from the very Next Day. Besides Demonstration & the personal attention to ensure you Learn the Exercises well you also receive Hand Notes for an Easy reference.

6. What time of the Day I need to FACERCISE?
Well FACERCISE could be done any time of the day, before or after the Meal at your convenience.

7. Who is the Facilitator of FACERCISE?
Megha Dinesh, an LL.B. graduate who has been in Wellness Industry for over 15 years, A Yoga Instructor, Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Practitioner, REIKI Teacher & several more, her journey has made her explore various Wholesome & Holistic Approaches for Beauty, Wellness & Healing. 
She attracted FACERCISE when she was around 24 years however LOOKED much more older then her Age. Her insecurity & the frustration of looking much older than her age made her Open to FACERCISE - A natural rare way to look younger taught to her by Her Teacher & Spiritual Mentor. The results in Three Weeks were so impressive that post her retreat when she came back her friends made her Swear 'that she has not underwent any Plastic Correction"!

8. What is the cost of Workshop?
The cost of the 2 Hour Workshop is Rs.2100.

9. What does the FACERCISE Workshop includes?
The two hour workshop will make you learn around 13 set of Facial Exercises which requires 10 -15 minutes of your Day. The workshop will also include a 20 minutes Exercise to implant the suggestion of Accepting & Loving yourself.

Sunday 5th April could be THE Time for you to BE NATURALLY YOUNG & MORE BEAUTIFUL.

Please mail us meghavi.dm@gmail.com or call 7893088339 for more queries.

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