Explorations - An introductory course on Practical Philosophy

Explorations - An introductory course on Practical Philosophy


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About The Event

At New Acropolis we foster an active and practical approach  to living philosophy. We work with philosophical ideas with an acute  awareness of the world around us, in a practical way that enables us to  apply these concepts to daily living. 

Through the Explorations course you will learn what it takes to become a  true philosopher through a comparative study of the teachings of the great Masters of the past. 

The course has 16 classes, which are a combination of both Practical  and philosophical journey that crosses continents & civilizations,  it takes you from the peeks of the Himalayas to the pyramids of Giza.  The process is an inner adventure. This adventure involves creativity of  thought, exploration and practical principles of ethical life. 

The course is built as a spiral pedagogical process made of 3 divisions:
I The mystery of the Human nature
II Society - Human relationship
III Evolution & History of mankind 

Main themes: 
– Know Thyself
– The Wisdom Of India
– Buddha’s Path to Liberation
– The Inner Voice
– The Artist, The In Love and The Philosopher – Who are you?
– Tools for Life From Ancient Egypt and China
– Plato’s allegory of the Cave
– The Art of Communication and Relationships
– Ethical Leadership
– From Philosophy To Mystery
– Time Travel Through Myth and History
– The Wheel of Life
– The Divine Spark in Man
– Practical sessions 

Is it possible to live up to our true potential?
Is it possible to make a real difference for a new and better world?

You are invited to discover what is possible! meet like-minded people and find a broader perspective for living. 

Try the New Acropolis Experience and see for yourself! bring a friend… share the possibilities..

Course Duration: 16 weeks(Weekly Once, every Tuesday) 
Introductory & open house: February 10,17, 21, 7:00pm - 8:30pm 
Course opening: Tuesday, February 24th, 7:00pm - 9:30pm 

Syllabus of the course: http://www.newacropolis.in/bangalore/practical-philosophy-first-level-course-program 

**Registration is required in advance, the number of seats are limited** 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

For more details: 
+91 96638 04871 | +91 80 4206 5280

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