Expert Panel on Current Management guidelines for oral cancer in Bangalore

Expert Panel on Current Management guidelines for oral cancer in Bangalore


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About The Event

09.25 - 09.55 am: Registration.
09.55 - 10.00 am: Welcome Address by Dr. Vikram Kekatpure.

Session I
10.00 - 10.25 am: Communicating Cancer Diagnosis, Making Informed Choices, and End of Life Decisions: Legal & Ethical Issues - Dr. George Paul.
10.25 - 10.45 am: Open Forum: Medico-legal Aspects for an OMFS / Head & Neck Surgeon.
Chairpersons: Dr. David Tauro, Dr. Ranganath .K. 
10.45 - 11.00 am: TEA BREAK.

Session II:
11.00 am - 12.30 pm: Panel Discussion: Oral Cancer. Moderator: Dr. Girish Shetkar.
Potentially Malignant Oral Lesions.
Early Oral Cancer.
Advanced Oral Cancer. 
Very Advanced Oral Cancer.
(Discussion Points: Ablative Approach, Reconstruction Options, Dental Rehabilitation (Implants), Recent Advances in Radiotherapy Techniques & Chemotherapy Regimens). 

Expert Panel: Dr. Vikram Kekatpure, Dr. Sanjiv Nair, Dr. Prasad Narayanan, Dr. Ajay Rao, Dr. P. C. Jacob, Dr. Satyajit Dandagi, Dr. Anjaneya Dube.

Chairpersons: (To Summarize) Dr. S. Girish Rao, Dr. Anjan Shah. 

Session III:
12.30 - 12.50 pm: Oral Oncology as a Career Option for Maxillofacial Surgeons - Dr. Sabitha. 
12.50 - 01.20 pm: Panel Discussion & Open Forum: Moderator: Dr. Girish Shetkar.
Expert Panel: Dr. George Paul, Dr. Nadimul Hoda, Dr. Vijay Pillai, Dr. Aditya Moorthy, Dr. Anjaneya Dube, Dr. Prithvi Balepur.
Chairpersons: (To Summarize) Dr. S. V. Kumaraswamy, Dr. Satyajit Dandagi.

01.30 pm: LUNCH.

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