Experience your inner entirety with a harmony of Yoga and Music at Chakras Rising

Experience your inner entirety with a harmony of Yoga and Music at Chakras Rising


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About The Event


Celebrate the yogi in you this International Yoga Day with an extraordinary experience of  awakening your chakras through music! Urban Yoga and Total Yoga is presenting Chakras Rising, an experience of exploring one’s spiritual side, by performing asanas, pranayam and mediation specific to each chakra in resonance with their corresponding musical vibrations through live music. Chakras Rising is a first of its kind concept in the world and is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru on June 17th at UB City.




Manish Pole and Neethu Sigh, founders of Total Yoga, who have more than 15 years of experience in teaching yoga, have designed this innovative yoga and meditation Chakras Rising concept. The 70-minutes Masterclass focuses on each chakra for 10 mintues, in an ascending order from Mooladhar to Sahasraar Chakra; and then combines the asanas and the visuallisation meditations to live music. The live music is created based on the frequencies of the Chakras by Anant Menon, who has been a Blues Guitar player since two decades.




“The entire process of designing this 70-minute Masterclass involved an immense amount of research and practice. We are really excited to now have people come in and experience ‘Chakras Rising’ as a Yoga session, as well as an Auditory & Visual sensory experience” says Manish Pole, co-founder of Total Yoga.




“We will be experimenting with both the concept of The Unstruck Sound (Anhata) as well as try to create soundscapes that specifically address each Chakra as our yogis proceed to systematically take participants through the Kundalini pathway”says Anant Menon, the guitar maestro.




The event is designed to cater to advanced yogis and meditators as well as new-comers in yoga, and will be conducted in Mumbai and Pune as well. The key presenter, Urban Yoga, the nation’s largest yoga clothes and accessories brand, has also launched the Chakra series of t-shirts specially for this journey. These will be given as memorabilia to the participants of Chakras Rising.




Speaking about Chakras Rising initiative, Ms. Aditi Mirani, Brand Manager-Urban Yoga shared, “Our Chakras series has been specially designed for International Yoga Day with each of these 7 t-shirts depicting one of the Chakras through the colour scheme and motif designs. We are pleased to associate with Total Yoga in presenting Chakras Rising to enhance the yoga experience by bringing together fashion and yoga and encourage participants to follow a holistic lifestyle.”


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