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We take immense pleasure to inform you about our National Level Technical Symposium EXOUSIA-IT’12 organized by the Department of Information Technology, PTR College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai, to be held on 25th September, 2012. Our symposium offers a platform for the blooming technocrats to exhibit their knowledge and potential to enlighten their skills further. We whole-heartily invite you to actively participate in this event. 




1. Hacking

2. Android

3. Network Security

4. Cryptography

5. Cloud computing

6. IPV6 Technology 

(Papers not limited to above topics) 


Hacking is the most exhilarating game on the planet. To a hacker a closed door is an insult, and a locked door is an outrage. The theme is to harness the hacker curiosity in you and capability of exploiting the vulnerabilities. Are you a hacker? Explore and break through two hurdles. 

No of Rounds: 2

Participants: 2 Participants per team. Round 1: Questionnaire round. Questions will be asked based on hacking. The top teams will be selected for the 2nd round. Round 2: Time to play live. System will be provided to each team in which the participant has to accomplish the given task within the time provided. 


Debugging is an essential skill which would be detecting errors and discrepancies in the program coding and then correcting them. Thus Debugging is an art-form which has to be properly mastered. The competition will be in two rounds in an elimination manner. First round will consist of basic questions on OOPS, C, JAVA for which options may or may not be given. Second round will be debugging the errors for the given program in the system. 


Posters are a key component of communicating your thoughts. Bring the leonardo da vinci within you to the stage.

Topics for paper presentation:

1. Android

2. Green computing

3. 3D Animation

4. 4G Technology

5. Robotics 

5. E-buzz

E-buzz is the platform for engineering geniuses across the globe. To prove that you are one among the genius you should able to sound a little bit different and aloud in this fusion. If you have sound knowledge in technical side, If you are strong in solving aptitude problems, If you have confidence to be fearless before thousands of audience, then no doubt the stage is for you. 

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