Exhibition of Paintings by Banita Hamirwasia

Exhibition of Paintings by Banita Hamirwasia


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About The Event

Exhibition of Paintings by Banita Hamirwasia.

Gods and goddesses sporting festive golden attire in AIFACS gallery. A  veritable Vaikuntham beacons delhivalas before Deepavali pilgrimage of painting - a bode of gods and goddesses in pure gold. 

Foil the temptation if you can, of having gods and goddesses resplendent in golden foil, for your homes. The treasure is in its enticing grandeur displayed in the soulful corner of AIFACS gallery. One can bet this Deepavali, you could be in the grip of overpowering desire to carry home a variable Vaikuntham, if you visit the gallery one week from now. The unique art exhibition of gods and goddesses, attired in real gold, has really lent a godly aura in the gallery. It is a heavily magic wafting from the golden magic of godly hall that is attracting art lovers and connoisseurs in droves. 

Banita Hamirwasia has etched this heavenly ambiance n AIFACS  gallery. The high of her unique creation is that she has metamorphosed Tanjore into a North Indian art form. Here in AIFACS, Vrindavan comes alive to you in south indian art form. The use of real gold foil to create the contours of the painting has been done exquisitely.

The most alluring paintings are of  Krishna and Radha. Ganesha also got a special place in Vaikuntham in AIFACS.  Your eyes will not miss the miniature art, the charioteer of Ganesha, because it is also draped in gold.

The exhibition has attained the aura of pilgrimage. The exhibition will have an indelible imprint on your mind for sure. Ganesha Ridhi - Sidhi, Gayatri Yantra, Triputi Balajee, Ruthi Radha, Banke Bihari, Sheranwali, Ram Darvar., Om sayee Baba, vignaharta, etc are some of the very attractive paintings you would like so treasure for ever. 

For Banita Hamirwasia, the high priestless of this unique replica of Vaikuntham , the creation has been tapasya. Her oil paintings are spiritual and give an sight in the artist's mind. Art is a step from nature toward infinite.  

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