Exclusive Wildlife Photography and Lightroom Post Processing Workshop

Exclusive Wildlife Photography and Lightroom Post Processing Workshop


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About The Event

Learn Wildlife Photography | Enter the Awesome world of Wildlife


How to Start Wildlife Photography?

  1. Types of Photography
  2. Know your Photography Kit
  3. Buying a Camera

kingfisher portrait perch wildlife photography kodai lake wildlife in kodaikanal birds-kodaikanal 

 Basics of Wildlife Photography

  1. Know your Camera and Lens
  2. Learn Wildlife Photography Basics
  3. Composing a Shot

Spotted Deers at Bandipur Wild Habitat 

 Master Wildlife Photography Techniques and Nuances

  1. Understand all Camera settings
  2. Learn Nuances of Photographing different subject
  3. Learn Nuances of Shooting at different light conditions

leopard-portrait leopard-on-ground indian-leopard leopard-habitat leopard-picture wildife-photography award-winning-wildlife-photographs 

 Learn Wildlife Photography Post-Processing

  1. What is Post processing?
  2. Post Processing Work flow
  3. Basics of Adobe Lightroom


About the Wildlife Photographer:

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