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“Excellence In Customer Care” is achieved through Articulated Techniques: 1.Customer Care Management 2.Core Concerns:-What is Needed+ Why is it Needed + Where is i

Excellence In Customer Care 02.08.19


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 Excellence In Customer Care  02.08.19 



“Excellence In Customer Care” is achieved through Articulated Techniques: 1.Customer Care Management 2.Core Concerns:-What is Needed+ Why is it Needed + Where is it Needed + When is it Needed & How to Deliver as Expected.3.Profitability for Customer Comes 1st & Always 4.Know that ‘Customer is Willing to Pay More for Better Service,& 4.Nurture Empathetic Relationships between Customer & Company. Only a Training Program will Not Deliver Return on Investment, Unless Audit of The Process & Serious Follow Up is made. Interactive Training will need Implementation through: Pre Training Gauging of Current Conditions> Conducted of Customized Holistic Learning & Polishing of Skills> Post Training “360 Degree” Audit > Course Correction of Knowledge + Skills + Attitude at Work & This will be the Comprehensive Strategy for Creation & Sustenance of “Customer Care” (CC)”. Tactically it will aim towards Customer “Knowing + Listening + Delivering” for gaining Prime Concern to Deliver to Customer ‘Reliability + Tangibility + Empathy + Responsiveness + Assurance of Quality in: Product & Servicing”’. The ‘Dabba Walas’ Operating in Mumbai are a Role Model in Caring for Customer ! That is how They Have Received 6 Sigma Certification & Have Sustained it Over last 25+ Years! “CC” Training will integrate HoDs & Customer Service Providers at 1st Interactive Level.


Such Customized “CC” Workshop will aim at: Locating Gaps between Customer’s Expectations & Reality and Gaps in: Knowledge + Standards + Communication + Delivery!

Essential & Vital Concerns will be:


1} Identify Hall Marks of Customer Care: Working Systematically + Operate on Facts,

2} Work on: Root Causes of Deviations + Honoring Accountability + Meaningful Metrics,

3} Ensure Sales Performance Systems to progress & sustain the Growth Track,

4} Timely Achievement of Service Goals at: Key Result Areas (KRAs),

5}How Customer Care will Shine by Creating:1) Satisfaction 2)Loyalty3)Delighting 4}Recovery 5)Customer: Acquisition>Error Prevention> Goal Orientation!  

6} Operate through: Emotional Intelligence + Concern for Customer + Consistent Enthusiasm + Working Transparently.  


Gains from such “CC” will be by: Self which will be: Rational+ Safe Keeping + Problem Solving + Innovative + Empathetic, Interpersonally relating with: Marketing, R&D, Finance, HRD, for achieving Cost Optimization+ Method Improvement + Growth Improvement in the Process,7} Design Techniques for: Better Customer Care 8}Learn “How to Understand Customer Better” 9} Operate in 4 Quadrants of: Changed Thoughts + Action Plans + Continual Unlearning & Re-learning + Taking Customer as Partner for Progress.






  • Caring by Walking around with Customer
  • Providing Proof & Evidence of Customer Care at Heart & Actions
  • Juxtapose with Customer: Factual +Flexible +Reliable + Relatable + Dependable
  • Demonstrate Professionalism through: Team Work + Continual Pursuit of Excellence + Unfailing Integrity + Basic Truthfulness + Assured Fairness in Servicing
  • Knowing Customer Type: Financial + Executive + Led by Specifications + Value Driven
  • Know what Customer wants: Flexibility + Empathetic Care + Variety of Solutions
  • Be ready to face Questions & Challenges from Customer
  • Customer is Not Looking for a Seller but a Solution Provider
  • Customer wants Seller to Help Making a Choice + Choose + Decide

We invite nominations from your organization for our Seventeen Super Open Training Programs in July & August 2019:

05.07.19 - Kaizen - Making Small Changes For Big Results

11.07.19 - Value Stream Mapping

12.07.19 - Leadership Skills

16.07.19 - Win-Win Negotiations

17.07.19 - Poke Yoke - From Possibility To Reliability

18.07.19 - Successful Selling Skills

19.07.19 - Effective Presentation Skills

23.07.19 - In Pursuit Of Excellence – Unleashing The Potential In You & Your Organization™

24.07.19 - Team Building & Inter Personal Skills

25.07.19 - Lean Management - From Expenses To Earnings

26.07.19 - Problem Solving & Decision Making

01.08.19 - 6 S At Work

02.08.19 - Excellence In Customer Care

06.08.19 - Mastering Time Management

07.08.19 - Effective Communication Skills 

08.08.19 - Achieving Excellence Thru Stress Management™

09.08.19 - Total Quality Management

Time: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri-Kurla Road, JB Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400059

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