Book Online Tickets for Excellence at the Workplace, New Delhi. Amitabh Mendiratta — As an Enterprise Agile Coach and Professional Agile Trainer I work with organizations to improve their processes and enhance efficiency to improve their time to market and increase productivity.

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About The Event

Amitabh Mendiratta — As an Enterprise Agile Coach and Professional Agile Trainer I work with organizations to improve their processes and enhance efficiency to improve their time to market and increase productivity.
Every process, every organization is run by people. While the process is important to define, empowering and building trust with the people is by far the key to any successful business.
I have been a practitioner of meditation, pranayama, and mindfulness for the last 15 years and am a Certified Corporate trainer for the Excellence at Work workshop by the Art of Living Foundation.
This 2-day workshop is probably one of the most powerful training you will attend and it's truly a life-changing event.


Hotel Hub Transformation Journey -

As a part of their Agile transformation journey, the leadership team at HotelHub participated in a 2.5 days transformational “Excellence at Workplace” program. The powerful program helped them achieve personal excellence and bring them together like never before.
It gave the opportunity for the leaders to be vulnerable and be open to each other. Trust naturally emerged and every participant had an exuberant smile on their faces at the end.
The CXOs are a part of the team in the video as well, can you identify them separately or do they feel like part of the team? Only when you break the rigid barriers of command and control can you achieve true agility.
Team Work
Trust is the foundation of a high performing team. We have all kinds of team members and each and every member brings to the team their own uniques strengths and talents. 
We can truly synergize when we acknowledge and understand our strength as a whole and work as a team instead of an individual. Only a team can achieve the most impossible of goals with ease.


Meditation is absolutely the best investment you can make in yourself on a daily basis. With even a months practice, you will start observing the shift in energy levels and focus on the days that you do versus on the days that you don't.
Meditation often doesn't come easily to everyone and sometimes becomes a challenge to do for even regular practitioners. In this program, you will learn the most powerful SKY (Sudarshan Kriya) process that will unlock your inner potential, improve your health and healing ability and tremendously increase focus, check your reactions.
SKY was a gift to the world by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is very well researched and you can find plenty of resources online to know more about it. From my experience, I can share that it takes you to deep meditation effortlessly and is life-changing in the true sense.


The people at the middle level of the organization play the most important role in integrating the vision of the leadership with the work that is being executed by the teams to realize the same. You will learn how to skillfully play this delicate role in balancing and integrating all levels of the organization.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone working in an organization looking at excelling in life
  • Scrum Masters who wish to become better facilitators
  • Agile team members come all by yourself or with your whole team to integrate your team to another level
  • If you are looking at gaining valuable knowledge and techniques to unlock your inner potential.
  • Or Any Tough nut cases you want to send for a quick fix :)


Our next upcoming program is a weekend program on the 28th and 29th of July 2018


It is being held at the pristine venue of Zorba the Buddha conveniently situated on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road only a km from the Gurgaon border.

Registration Cost

The Two-day workshop will cost you only INR 9500/- and includes Venue and food cost including 2 tea breaks and lunch. The Registration will also entitle you to a lifetime membership to our Delhi NCR Community.
Stay is optional and available at extra cost if needed.


This is a powerful two-day program that will help you understand and build:

  • Focus
  • High performing Teams
  • Servant Leadership tenants
  • a path to your own excellence

 Register and experience for yourself this life-changing workshop.


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