FREE session on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Leadership

FREE session on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Leadership


  • EQ in Leadership and Stress Mgmt

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Leadership

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About The Event

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Leadership and Stress Management.  To be an effective Communicator and Leader 


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or Emotional Resource is the most important resource in human being. It is most delicate, most misunderstood and most misused resource. You can achieve anything and everything if you are strong in Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Three way you can cotribute to others are Physical Resource, Intellectual Resource (IQ) and Emotional Resource (EQ).

According to TIME Magazine "It's not your IQ. But Emotional Intelligence (EQ) may be the best predictor of success in Life.

The future belongs to the managers and business leaders whose actions are built on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Conventional managerial tools and models based on rationality only are ill suited for these challenges. Our society and education system trains for rationality and not for emotional skills. Even though emotional skills and competencies can be acquired through experiential learning, there are hardly any opportunities for managers to learn these.


When you are dealing with machines or computers, if you press the right button (IQ) we get the desired result. But as a leader you have to deal with human beings and these human beings have emotions. There is a saying, “people join companies and leave their bosses.” The truth is, “we take decision emotionally and justify them rationally”. Therefore, ‘It’s not what we communicate but how we communicate’ makes us an effective communicator and Leader.

The training programme has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the present fast changing corporate scenario to become a better communicator, negotiator, decision maker and a leader.

Take away from the training program:

  • Practise of EQ to become a better decision maker and leader; and a happy person
  • Building Positivity in Communication

  • MANAGERIAL SKILLS and awakening the leadership in you


TRAINER & AUTHOR, Mr. Dipankar Biswas is a certified Life Coach from Australia and one of the best corporate trainers; imparting training and coaching to senior management for last 14 years in India and Australia. He is the author of ‘9 Secrets, the Ultimate Success Strategies’ one of the best ‘Personal & Organisational Effectiveness’ training manuals available in the market. 


Please nominate yourself and 2 participants from your organisation to take the feedback for in-house workshop. Limited seats to make the program effective for you


Venue: Life management Academy, Image Hospital Lane

Behind Mindspace, Raheja IT Park, Madhapur




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