Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Stress Management Exercise Workshop

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Stress Management Exercise Workshop


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    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Stress Management Workshop

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    Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management Workshop

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About The Event

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Stress Management Exercise Workshop:

Whether you are successful or not, the answer is within you. Ask yourself what’s your emotional state, more often. Are you happy with your life? Are you following your conscience?

Work has taken over too much of too many people’s lives at too high a personal cost. Stress, broken marriages, neglected children and poor health are far more widespread than most people dare to acknowledge. Especially directors of large corporations and chief executives in particular, may be gregarious, but they can also be very lonely. There are not many people to whom they can turn for help, often no one in their organization.


Success, arguably is the most sought after and least understood prize. We’re often so concerned with learning to manage others that we’re left with little energy to manage ourselves. We often fail to notice the unexplored world within ourselves.



Anyone or everyone can be happy and live in peace, if he or she is living in a conscious state of living. But most of us are living in an unconscious state of living identified with our mind i.e. ego. Our mind continuously produces thoughts what we call ‘compulsive thinking’. It’s very difficult to stop our thought process but we can change our thought process through some mental exercise.


Emotion is the result of my thoughts in my mind. Therefore first step is to be observant of my thoughts. I must learn to observe my existing thoughts and then change for better thoughts to feel better.

Happiness is a state of mind and everyone can be happy by changing thought process. We play different roles at different times .If we are aware of our role and consciously play our role well (accepting whole heartedly), we will live in the present rather than past or future.



There is a strong connection in between mind and body. Mind produces thought and on the basis of thoughts our body responds. It can be put in mathematical equation as: Thought x Knowledge x Action=Attitude.


In this workshop we will understand our thought process and we will do exercise to change our thoughts to be happy, healthy and wealthy physically, emotionally and financially.

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