EQ Workshop - 1st Time In Chennai

EQ Workshop - 1st Time In Chennai


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About The Event

Flatters, Only EQ Matters - Lead With Emotional Intelligence !!

Don't let your emotions stop your growth-Know Ur EQ, Design ur EQ Map

What is Emotional Intelligence/EQ?

Academic/ technical abilities are simply the threshold to gain an entry to a career. What makes you a star is your resilience, optimism, initiative, adaptability to change & empathy toward others. EI is the foundation to all critical skills and a door way to 21st Century basic skills like Problem Solving, Collaboration & Critical Thinking not just for Adults & also Kids/Teens to sustain in today’s competitive world. With high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) you can be an efficient individual but with a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) you will become a Resonant Leader/ Better Parent/ Build Rich Relationship.

Emotional intelligence broadly involves:

  •   - Emotional Awareness & Control
  •   - Rich Inter/Intra Personal Skills
  •   - Flexibility, Adaptability
  •   - Health, Quality of Life (Stress Tolerance)
  •   - Decision Makin, Influence
  •   - Maintaining a positive outlook

What is Workshop Agenda?

  • Online Assessment before the session
  • Explain & Expand: EQ Competency Model
  • Interpreting Your EQ
  • Learn Scientifically Driven EQ Competencies
  • Methods to raise Emotional Intelligence through Improved Communication, Emotional Literacy, Recognize Behaviour Patterns, Effective Decisions Making, Motivation tools, Increase Empathy, Optimism & Noble Goals
  • Applying EQ Best practices in Personal, Professional & Social life
  • Practice Emotionally Intelligent Leadership as an Employee/Manager/Organisation Top leader/Parent
  • Moving Forward with your EQ plan

Key Objectives?

At the end of this workshop participants will learn:

  • Self-Awareness - Know Yourself
  • Self-Management - Choose Yourself
  • Self-Direction- Give Yourself
  • Leadership Skills, Conflict Resolution
  • Raise Emotional Intelligence using above tools

Taregt Audience: Working Professional(Fresher/Team Leader) Senior /First Line Managers/L&D/Coaches/Teachers/Entrepreneurs/Young Mothers/Parents

There are spl discounts for Couples/Referrals/ Group of 4 & above.

Come, Learn, Contribute, Get EQ'ed !!

Take Away EQ Reports Worth Rs2500/- & Networking !

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