EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Leadership for Personal and Professional Growth

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Leadership for Personal and Professional Growth


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    EQ in Leadership for Personal and Professional Growth

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About The Event

The future belongs to the people whose actions are built on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

There is a saying, “people join companies and leave their bosses.” The truth is, “we take decision emotionally and justify them rationally”. Therefore, ‘It’s not what we communicate but how we communicate’ makes us an effective communicator and Leader.

As a leader you have to lead others to the right direction to get the desired result and productivity. To be a good leader you must be emotionally sound to deal with others emotions. Emotions and feelings are the results of our thoughts. We communicate and act on the basis of our thoughts, values and beliefs.

Our communications are the outcome of our thoughts in our mind. If I think an incident as problem I will be worried to deal with it. It’s a negative thought and it will create negative emotion. The other thoughts can be situation, challenge and opportunity.  Situation is a neutral word; challenge and opportunity are positive thoughts.

Let’s see how my communication changes with thoughts:

Problem: I got a problem, who is going to help me to solve the problem.

Situation: We got a situation to deal with.

Challenge: We got a challenge to deal with, who is going to help me to overcome the challenge.

Opportunity: We have got a great opportunity to show our talent.

As our thought changes, our communication changes and emotion changes. To be good leader you need to upgrade your thoughts, communication skills and be better decision maker.

As a leader what is your most precious asset you have got? Your TIME.

What is the most valuable activity/ action you must do to improve your leadership quality? Quality Thinking

The program helps you to become a better THINKER, COMMUNICATOR, NEGOTIATOR, DECISION MAKER and LEADER.

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