Entrepreneur Growth Summit Feb17

Entrepreneur Growth Summit Feb17


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About The Event

It is essential for an entrepreneur to be with the market dynamics and empower himself regularly to overcome the organisational challenges which accompany growth. Because being an entrepreneur is all about being on top of our challenges, whether it is our business or our life. When an organisation is on growth path, the challenges in that organisation too are on a growth path.

Being in control of our direction, being in a position to see more than our followers do, being able to chart the course requires that we take time out from our daily " war cry " and allocate that for building on our strategic intent. Many of us have taken literally the statement " Leaders lead from the front." As a result we are always on the front not realising that being on the field may give us some grip of the ground reality.

So one of the most important responsibilities of a visionary leader is to keep dishing out strategies and be courageous to implement them to bring a major turnaround in the fortunes of his company. Entrepreneur growth summit is an program which will enable you to get more powerful insights on " Leadership "


1. Why great leaders are able to retain people with maximum productivity?

2. key Leadership skills of a successful Entrepreneur.

3. How do Leaders create a productive and positive environment?

4. Difference between a " Good and Right " Leader.

5. How to maintain overall control with effective delegation.

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