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About The Event


Have you ever felt that if you could communicate better than your current communication skills, Your Professional and personal life would have been much better than it is now?


Have you ever felt tongue tied while giving interviews/ presentations?


Do you wish you could sell yourself well during performance appraisals/ promotion interviews/asking for salary hikes? Or, if you are at giving side, do you feel hesitant in giving negative feedback?


Do you feel awkward networking with strangers even though networking is the most required skill in today’s world?


Do you find it difficult to maintain relations?


If the answer to any of my two questions is a “YES”, then please join my workshop called “Enter into a much better world through communication.” Now, let me give you some more details about myself and my workshop:


I am Monica Dhingra, A communication expert. I have trained and coached thousands of people on different strategic communication methods which have helped them tremendously in achieving their personal and career goals.


Here is what you get to learn in my one day workshop


1) Assessment of your style of communication (The way you communicate with others most of the times)




2) What are the different styles of communication/methods you should be using in different situations




3) How to give/obtain feedback Assertively




4) Your interaction with your clients- May make or break the trust they have in your company and products




5) How to save yourself from work related politics




6) What are the things you should showcase during annual appraisals




7) And much more….




I will stay connected with you for 3 months after the workshop to help you with an effective implementation. Now, the last and a very important thing, I do not believe in Free workshops, reason being, these free workshops would mostly give you a glimpse of what is going to happen in the next paid workshop, which will cost you a huge money. Also, it leaves you with half knowledge of things which can be really dangerous. My rule is very simple. I charge you a very nominal fee  and you get the complete knowledge and a guarantee that you will be able to implement most of the things taught to you plus a guarantee that whenever you are stuck in difficult communication situations, you will get a complete support from me or my team.






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