Ensemble- Pehla Nasha 2

Ensemble- Pehla Nasha 2


About The Event

Team Ensemble presents-
Pehla nasha-2

The bunch of live performances on legendary songs made by the former musical duo “Jatin Lalit”

“Pehla nasha-2” is the second part of the event “Ensemble-Pehla Nasha”
that we presented last year. This year we are coming with lot more
additions along with new songs for you. We have introduced many live
artists who are ready to entertain you.
We are glad to announce that
many senior artists from the industry are also a part of this show
which will add even more colors to the show.

List of team members

Neeraj Borgaonkar, Pratik Rajopadhye, Jitendra Bhuruk, Ajay Atre,
Abhijeet Bhade, Vijay Murthy, Chinmay Jog, Jayesh Salvi, Nikhil
Sugvekar, Amit Soman, Sameer Sapre, Mahendra Kumar, Rohan Dhaygude,
Gaurav Rasane, Aniruddha Naik, Shalaka Chandwadkar, Devika Bapat,
Asawari Gadre, Rohit Bodhani, Trupti Ukhande, Mrugakshee Palwe, Mihir

Many live instruments like Saxophone, Accordion, Violin, Mandolin, Lead Guitar, Melodica will be played in the show.
Please book your seats soon for this musical treat. 

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