Enhance Your Career With Ruby On Rails Training

Enhance Your Career With Ruby On Rails Training


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Introduction to RUBY, Environment, Syntax, Variables, Operators, Comments, Conditional Statements, if…else, if modifier, Unless Statement, Unless modifier, Case Statement, Loops, While Statement, While modifier, Until Statement, Until modifier, For Statement, Break Statement, Next Statement, Redo Statement, Methods, Blocks, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Date & Time, Ranges, Iterators, File I/O.


Ruby Advanced


Classes/li>, Instance Variables, Class Variables, Global Variables, Constants, OBJECT ORIENTED, Class definition, Ruby objects, Initialize method, Instance variables, Accessor & setter methods, Instance methods, Class methods & Variables, To_s Method, Access Control, Class Inheritance, Methods Overriding, Operator Overloading, Freezing Objects.




Rails Installation, SQLITE3 or MySQL (As per Requirement), File Structure, Controller and Views and Models, Routes, Databases and Migrations, Configuring a project for Databases, Creating a database, Generating Migration, Associations, layouts, Forms, Data Validation, CRUD USING SCAFFOLDING, Create_action, Read_action, Update_action, Delete_action, Login and Logout complete example, Project Oriented Training.


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