Personal Excellence Workshop - 2 days - Hyderabad

Personal Excellence Workshop - 2 days - Hyderabad


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About The Event

Personal Excellence Workshop - 2 days

on 8th & 9th Nov at Hyderabad


Duration: 2-days (daily 10am to 5pm)                           Contribution: Rs 800(Including Lunch/ Tea/ Snacks/ Pen/ Pad)

Leadership Dvelopment Training on Life Skills

Everyone was born with pure Innocent Mind to live the life of our wish, but unfortunately mind got polluted, conditioned with many wrong habit patterns & belief systems which are creating many troubles.  People are living like Machines/Robots, Unconscious Life due to this they are miserable and sad.


This Workshop helps in removing the wrong conditioning of the mind and programs it with Universal Laws of Nature to become Successful & Happy.


This Workshop helps you to Live Loving Life with Creativity not Fear oriented Life, It makes you alive, alert, flowing and flowering with Joy.


This Workshop helps you in coming out of Seriousness, Exploitation, Victimization & Addiction. It makes you Playful, Rejoicing and Confident.


This Workshop helps you to respond the changing challenges not reacting to them.

At the end of the Workshop Excellence will emerge out of you with calm, serene meditative mind by unlocking your inner potential to achieve whatever you want.


  • Understanding & Harmonizing Body, Mind, Heart
  • Awaken the Inner Potential                          
  • Miracles of Sub-Conscious Mind,
  • Being Assertive
  • Building Self-Esteem 
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Creative Lifestyle
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing Peer Pressure
  • Emotional Wellness 
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Managing Stress & Anxiety
  • Program & Re-Program for Success   
  • The Universal Laws of Nature for Success & Happiness
  • The Power of Awareness,
  • NLP & Meditation Techniques   
  • The Power of Now
  • Celebrating the Life
  • Living Wisdom Life to get whatever you want

Training Methodology:

  • Western Techniques
  • NLP Techniques      
  • Eastern Techniques    
  • Yogic Techniques
  • Group Activities
  • Interactions  
  • Games & Fun Oriented Learning
  • Inspirational Stories

  • Trainers Profile:

  • Sekhar Babu

  • · 20 Years of Experience in conducting various Transformational Motivating Training
    Programs for all walks of people.

  • · He is Well Equipped with Western Methods including NLP & Rich Eastern Methods.

  • · His programs increase the performance level of participants and mold them to become successful achievers in their respective field.

    · His Corporate Programs meets the current as well as future needs of an organization; ensuring effective utilization of human resources by integrating individual goals with organizational goals.

    · He worked as a Chief Training & Placement officer for a reputed organization.

    · He was an Editor for Construction Today Magazine for 4-years

    · He is an Engineer.

 Free Introductory Session on Sun-2nd Nov

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