Emotional Freedom and Vitality

Emotional Freedom and Vitality


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About The Event

 Hi all, :)

Wouldn't you like to experience freedom from a past incident, a past freindship, or an ex?

How would you feel if you could clear your head and your heart?

In this workshop, you will experience 
1. freedom, 
2. happiness, and 
3. joy.

Would you like that?

The way we're acheiving this is by:
1. practicing emotional release from past incidents,
2. expanding our personal view to another perspective, and
3. understanding our place in the emotional dynamic working of life.


Come to Cafe Coffee Day Square (Vittal Mallaya road), do call me and I'll guide you to where we are at the Cubbon Park.

This isn't really a paid workshop but I thought a convenience charge of INR 200 is apt here. It's really cool either way! ;) 


Still unsure?
Call me and I'll help you see if this is a good workshop for you.
My name is Maher Hamdan and I can be reached on 9738055985.

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