Emotional Fitness Gym - Exercise Your Emotional Muscles Using NLP (Wokshop In Pune Conducted By Anil Dagia - 5th Element)

Emotional Fitness Gym - Exercise Your Emotional Muscles Using NLP (Wokshop In Pune Conducted By Anil Dagia - 5th Element)


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About The Event

Why People Must Attend This Workshop ?

1) To learn how to develop immunity against Emotional Viruses

2) To PHENOMENALLY IMPROVE Your responses under Stress

3) To help alleviate biological symptoms of stress (like blood pressure, diabetes, asthama)

4) To develop and retain PEAK ENERGY levels for Your BEST PERFORMANCE

5) To FOCUS on Your GOALS

6) To develop your CONCENTRATION & MEMORY by eliminating the distraction caused by stress and worries

7) To get a Preview into some of the MOST POWERFUL tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming

DATE : Sunday 27th October

DURATION : 10:30 AM to 05:00 PM

VENUE : Illuminations, North Main road, Koregaon Park

INVESTMENT : Rs 5,000/- per participant (Certain conditional discounts may be available)

If you have already attended my Practitioner Certification course, my Unleash Your Success Genie course or even this same Emotional Fitness Gym workshop - THEN - You can get to do this workshop PRACTICALLY for FREE (Jusy pay an administrative fee of Rs 750/-)


FREE OFFER 1 : Enroll for Emotional Fitness Gym and Get A FREE Seat at Dharmendra Rai Trainers Expo in Pune with Anil Dagia on October 25th

FREE OFFER 2 : Enroll for Emotional Fitness Gym and get a chance to win back your entire investment practically getting this workshop for FREE if you Enroll for my NLP Practitioner certification course.

Book Your Seat Now - Register & pay online using your credit or debit card.

What is Emotional Fitness Gym ?

Emotions can be considered just like muscles in the body.

The muscles which you exercise more will develop more strength, more stamina and more endurance.

The ones you don't exercise, could shrivel if not under-develop.

At the Emotional Fitness Gym you learn
- how to reduce stress at a BIOLOGICAL level INSTANTLY
- how to adapt your thoughts, beliefs and thinking process to serve a much more USEFUL and BENEFICIAL purpose
- how to initiate desired changes into your personality and your life at a SUBCONSCIOUS level
- how to generate a NEW SELF IMAGE

To know more about Emotional Fitness Gym
- visit my website - http://www.the-5thelement.com/at-5th-element-in-pune-we-do-personal-transformation

- Watch a Presentation - http://www.slideshare.net/AnilDagia/emotional-fitness-gym-presentation

- Read it on - http://www.scribd.com/doc/168836553/Emotional-Fitness-Gym-Exercise-Your-Emotional-Muscles-Using-NLP

ABOUT ANIL DAGIA (http://www.scribd.com/doc/168809652/Know-More-About-Anil-Dagia-Undisputedly-the-foremost-name-in-NLP-in-Pune)

- Undisputedly the foremost name in NLP in Pune

- "Unconventional", "No Box Thinker", "Trainer who does not use powerpoint" , "Michael Holding of NLP" are some of the epithets given to him by those who have attended his courses

- highly recommended by participants who have attended his programmes. Testimonial Videos here http://www.the-5thelement.com/resources/testimonials

- More than 230 skill endorsements on linkedin

- First name in NLP in Pune http://www.linkedin.com/in/anildagia

- More than 5000 fans on his facebook page http://www.facebook.com/punenlp

- first & only trainer of NLP in Pune to have been trained and awarded his certificate internationally

- conducted his workshops in Dubai, Cape Town and then returned to India

- trained/coached over 700 people across 8 different nationalities

- those trained include Doctors, Surgeons, Trainers, Psychologists, Business Owners, Students, Teachers, Management Consultants, HR Professionals, IT professionals, as well as very distinguished and highly decorated officers from the Indian Army

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