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47% of the time - You  Are Not Attending To What You Are Supposed To Be Attending To, Due To Distracting Emotional Signals  

Your Brains Are built To Respond To Emotional Cues
Do You Notice These Cues

Emotional Fitness Gym


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About The Event

New Document


47% of the time - Younlp-pune-5th-element-emotional-ftiness-gym-2-mar-01 Are Not Attending To What You Are Supposed To Be Attending To, Due To Distracting Emotional Signals


nlp-pune-5th-element-emotional-ftiness-gym-2-mar-02Your Brains Are built To Respond To Emotional Cues

Do You Notice These Cues, Register Them OR Are Being Completely KNOCKED OUT BY THEM




RESILIENCE - How Quickly You Recover From ADVERSITY




BP, Diabetes, Asthama In Your Genes?

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny - Your Genes Are Dynamically Turning On & Off

Contemporary Research In Affective Neuroscience & Neuroplasticity Has Proved

- You Can Train Your Brains To Focus Attention Better
- Develop Emotional Strength, Stamina & Endurance
- Develop Immunity To Emotional Viruses To Facilitate Rapid Recovery
- Your Thoughts & Behaviors Affect Your Gene Expression


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Drama Based Learning Facilitator
Creative Movement Therapy




- Pune's 1st & ONLY Internationally Certified To Conduct NLP Trainings
- "Unconventional", "No Box Thinker", "Does Not Use Powerpoint"
- More Than 300 LinkedIn Endorsements
- More Than 5000 Facebook Page Likes (Click Here)
- 31 Emotional Fitness Gym Workshops Done
- Over 18 NLP Certification Batches In 2 Years
- Conducted Trainings in Dubai, South Africa & India
- Trained / Coached Over 1600 People Across 9 Nationalities
- Watch Testimonials Videos Here (Click Here)
- 20 Years Experience In IT Industry
- Last Position : Vice President, IT, India's Second Largest Graphics Design Outsourcing company

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Why You MUST Attend

- To Phenomenally Improve Your Response To Challenging Circumstances
- To develop and retain PEAK ENERGY levels for Your BEST PERFORMANCE
- To Bring About Long Lasting Personal Transformation
- To Have A Happier & More Fulfilling Personal & Professional Life
- To Reduce Biological Symptoms (like BP, Diabetes, Asthama)
- To Experience Exercises, Activities & Content NOT Available In Any Other Training

Personal Benefits

- Energized & fitter mind and body
- Improved relations with self and others
- Feel good about yourself & others
- Balanced emotional state of mind
- General sense of happiness & well-being leading to better health
- Negative emotions like anger, frustration, irritation reduced or even eliminated

Organizational Benefits

- Better team & organizational results – job performance, decision making, creativity, employee turnover, teamwork, negotiations, leadership
- Improved productivity & efficiency
- Improved Collaboration & Reduced Conflict
- Develop a emotionally healthier work environment
- Reduced stress levels & Better work life balance

Why This Workshop

- Beyond Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management
- All Day Involvement - Technique based
- Based On Contemporary Research As Near As 2011 Instead Of Ancient Studies From 1990 & Prior
- High Impact, Results Oriented, Realistic & Relevant Methodology
- Practical Tools & Techniques To Take Away With You Forever

Who Must Attend

People Who Take Life Seriously Enough To Understand That Greatest Success Can Be Achieved By Having Total Command Over Your Emotions

Continue the Drudgery of Your Life Or Avoid the AGONY of disappointment

Enrol For This 2nd March, 2014 Workshop In Mumbai Now !


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Terms & Conditions

T & C:

I.    These terms & conditions are about delivering value and about increasing transparency in our relationship so that you can make the best choices for you.

II.    The full payment of covers the cost of following:
    a.    Your attendance for the training program
    b.    Refreshments as per the course advertisement

    c.    Papers and pens will not be provided at the venue . Please bring your own papers and pens

III.   The training also comes with an optional Product Kit

    a.   The product kit contains

-       1 Workbook,

-       1 CD with the studio recorded version of the guided visualization exercises taught during the training and

-       3 Proprietary CDs from the “Nourish Your Emotions” series of CDs can be purchased by the participant at an added cost

    b.   The product kit can be purchased by participants at an added cost


IV.    Course participant’s commitment
    a.    Course participant will pay in full, by the payment due date, for courses they have booked
    b.    Course participant will pro-actively and with an open mind participate in their training

V.    Payment
    a.    A minimum INR 500/- non-refundable deposit is required when making a booking for the full course
    b.    Full payment is due 3 days prior to start of the booked course
    c.    In case of any special discounts offered, FULL payment MUST be made within 24 HOURS of booking your seat else the discount offer will be withdrawn

VI.    Attendance
    a.    It is the responsibility of the course participant to attend courses on which they are booked
    b.    Should the participant miss out on their attendance during the training, they will not be eligible for any refund.

VII.    Cancellations & Refunds
    a.    Option for cancellations & refunds is not available
    b.    Alternatively, you may transfer to a later program or provide a substitute delegate at the sole discretion of 5th Element and will attract fees which will be decided on a case to case basis. Requests for the same MUST be made in written communication.


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