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Emotional Competence to Win in Life - 2 Days Workshop in Delhi


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About The Event

Course Description

"A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life"

Charles Darwin

Three components of life (emotional, rational and physiological) are also partners in winning in life, may it be in advancing a career or leading a mentally and physically healthy life. Yet we juggle with these three entities, tossing up one at a time, to manage pressing issues daily and in the process, let all of them down. Emotional Competence (EC) offers a structured approach to mend ways and guides one in defining and designing a way forward. However, to make this idea find use in real life, a few strategic initiatives have been put in place to keep the targeted audience vibrant, enthused and motivated, all along. One such initiative is to make the participants experience a captivating journey of "self-discovery", unearthing treasures of knowledge and wisdom on wonders of life, body and mind which aids them to comprehend the value of life and inspires them to reinvest in it. This is the essence of Emotional Competence and the USP of the workshop. Also, in order to transform the outcome of the workshop from "intent" to "tangible results", the learning is distilled out to device an "action plan". The employees as individuals may find ?winning in life? aspiring, while the employers may consider the prospect of higher productivity of employees and a congenial work ambience, promising.

Workshop Benefits

  • Discover self to feel an urge for change
  • Learn to make friends in work place and be highly effective
  • Identify one's Development areas to Secure Success
  • Make oneself aware of one's Leadership potential
  • Learn how to Balance Work and Life
  • Learn to feel for others to build a leadership edge
  • Learn to Reduce the Stress Level
  • Learn to Avoid Conflict

Program Topics

Program Overview:

  1. Module 1: Treat IQ and EQ as Equals: Balance Life
    • Emotions and its consequences on self and others
    • Intent is noble , behavior that matters
    • Gateway emotions to build castle in the air
    • Human shortcomings
  1. Module 2: Seek the Root: Discover Self
    • Nose and the nose-brain
    • Four to two feet walking: An unknown revolution
    • Pair bonding and marriage
    • How emotions etched in our blood?
  1. Module 3: Comprehending Emotional Competencies: Way Forward
    • Common failings in corporate team work (group activity to discover)
    • Self-awareness (video)
    • Self-regulation (video)
    • Self-motivation (video)
  1. Module 4: Essence of a Leadership
    • Empathy and Effective relationship
    • Attitude and Personality profile
    • Stress, the killer
    • Mind diversion (activity to reduce stress and restore composure)


  1. Module 5: Make Fun an Essential Part of Life
    • Enjoy, feel and learn (group activity to revitalize self)
  1. Module 6: Communication: Human's Achilles' heel
    • Searching the essence of a successful team (activity)
    • Communication and evolution
    • Why men are from Mars and women are from Venus?
    • Mental blocks
  1. Module 7: Be Creative: Remain Healthy
    • Mental exercise: As important as physical exercise
    • Food habit and health
    • Creativity: good for self, good for the corporate (group activity on creativity)
  1. Module 8: Heal the Body, Heal the Mind
    • Temperament
    • Mind-body communication
    • Scientific basis of meditation
    • Mindfulness meditation (activity to heal body and mind)



Dr Sunetra Chaudhari, Ph.D (Missouri, USA) has taught both in India and the US. His teaching assignments in the US include 5 years spent teaching at the University of Missouri and Toledo. He has then worked for more than 20 years in Unilever, in India and abroad in R&D, Operations and Business Development.

Sunetra Chaudhari is an Emotional Intelligence Consultant and has recently produced a tele-serial on how Emotional Intelligence impacts our daily life. He has undertaken assignments with leading Indian Cos & MNCs to develop Emotional Intelligence in their Organizations.


We hear, we forget.      We see, we remember.      We feel, we change.

The mode of delivery, through liberal usage of videos, activities, exercises, metaphors, stories and examples, was designed to encourage internalizing, feeling and extracting wisdom from the learning and apply it in life.

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