Embrace Your Shadow

Embrace Your Shadow


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The ‘Shadow-work’ process will guide you to surface and heal deeply buried issues around money, health, intimacy, relationships, or make peace with a painful experience. The exploration includes 'Personal Values' (CG Jung), 'Yin-Yang' (Chinese philosophy), Body and Breathwork (Yoga/Dance Therapy), 'The Work' (Byron Katie), Ho'opono pono (Hawaiian healing). It will be facilitated by Nilima, Vijay Bhat and Kiran Gulrajani, respected as facilitators of personal growth and holistic health will be conducting the workshop.

Facilitator Bios:

Nilima & Vijay Bhat are founder-directors of Roots & Wings (www.rootsnwings.in) and Sampurnah (www.sampurnah.com). Well loved and respected as facilitators of personal growth and holistic health, they have been using the ‘Shadow’ in both corporate settings as well as in helping people deal with relationship issues and serious illnesses like cancer.  Their integrative approach works below and beyond any one system or teaching.

Kiran Gulrajani is the founder of CoEvolve  whose vision is to enable greatness in people and ecosystems; to create a vibrant ecology of facilitators, leaders, consultants, social entrepreneurs.


His flagship program is ‘Tao of Facilitation’ which has benefited thousands since 1996.

Contribution- Rs.12,000 (Includes workshop fees, shared accommodation & meals).

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