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Embellished Glass\" an exhibition of glass by Srila Mookherjee


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About The Event

'Embellished Glass' an exhibition of glass by Srila Mookherjee, Kolkata, Visiting Faculty, National Institute of Design, Founding member of the Indo Swedish Glass Sambandh Srila's works range from bottles, vases to bowls and platters - all possessing thin delicate qualities. Colors vary from lilac, blue and grey, to bright magenta and smoky citrine to deep reds, browns and light greens. The transparent and translucent color passages are combined to attain intriguing relationships, magnifying the absorbent and reflective qualities of light and color in fluid cohesiveness.

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Artworks that are functional...Srila Mookerjee brings refinement, sophistication and a contemporary feel to the age old craft of kancha.

Artist's Comments : "To me, blowing is spontaneous creativity. The inherent natural beauty and expressiveness of the material along with the craft process is in itself a source of inspiration and an impetus for the imagination. I am always excited to see results as they happen, and with this medium, unpredictability is the only certainty!

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Though various influences have played their part, my work does not result from any particular personal, political, social or economic narrative. It is for the most part based on form, colour and space.

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I also feel that each of the inter-dependent disciplines of Art, Craft and Design play a major role in my work since each involves a different way of thinking: While art emphasizes ideas, feelings, and visual qualities, craft emphasizes the use of tools and materials and design the planning, problemsolving and completion of the product. All three unite to shape the piece both for functional purposes and also to express and communicate ideas and feeling.

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