Embedded Robotics Workshop using Arduino Platform

Embedded Robotics Workshop using Arduino Platform


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    Embedded Robotics Workshop using Arduino Platform

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About The Event

Program Name – Embedded RoboticsWorkshop on Arduino Platform
Program Type – Hands on Workshop
Duration – 1 day
Registration Process – Fill up the form on the right column of this page and our staff will get in touch with you to guide you through the further registration process.

Arduino robot


“ROBOT is just not the mechanical “body” that is unattainable; articulated arms and other moving mechanisms adequate for manual work already exist, as the industrial robots attest. Rather it is the computer-based artificial brain that is developing everyday to the level of sophistication needed to build a humanlike robot.”

UpRise Academy offering you India’s first 100% hands-on workshop on Embedded Robotics using Arduino Platform. This workshop aims to make students well-equipped with all the modern tools of Embedded Robotics. The Participants get to know the various nuances of the theory as well as experience a hands-on process of building a intelligent robot, thus enabling them to link theory and practice.During this workshop you will learn to make Arduino Platform/ logic gates based autonomous robots, Line/ Wall/ Grid follower robot, obstacle avoiding/ detector robot, automated guided vehicle, IR sensor/ TSOP sensor based Robots. You will make following three different kind of robots by yourself during the workshop:

  1. IR sensor based “Line Follower Robot” using logic gates.
  2. TSOP sensor based “Wall Follower Robot” using Arduino Platform.
  3. Sensor array based “Automated Guided Vehicle” using Arduino Platform.


Whats New ?
  1. Design your own Robot from scratch ranging from mechanical modelling to electronic circuit to programming.
  2. You will get your hands dirty with all basic electronics and mechanical components, designing your own Robot.
  3. You will be introduced with various software tools to make your design work easy e.g. Multisim, Arduino and many more.
  4. Tools we use are up to the industrial standard, which will give your learning an industrial touch and thus this workshop will be added in your industrial experience.
  5. The process of learning will be as follows:Design the mechanical structure structure of a Robot -> Controlling it through Remote control -> Designing the brain for the Robot using Micro-controller> WOW! You have designed your own ROBOT.
  6. You will be design five different kind of robots during this workshop as mini projects.
  7. Our commitment to participants does not finish with this workshop, you can look back to us to get any support for your final year project or any other project you do in future.
  8. Faculties taking the workshop have a vast experience of 200+ workshops.
  9. Certificates will be provided to all the participants at the successful completion of the workshop and for the mini projects completed.
  10. Guidance for placement will be provided for the participants who want to make their career in this field.

Introduction and Mechanical structure design

  1. Introduction to Robotics.
  2. Introduction to basic component of Robot’s mechanical structure:
    • Design of Chasis board.
    • Working of DC Motors.
    • Working of stepper motor & servo motor.
    • Hydraulic arm & Motor operated arm.
    • Wheels,Drives & Switches

Hands-on session on Mechanical Structure.

Fundamentals of basic electronic components:

  1. Basic Electronic Components:
    • Resistors,Capacitors,Inductors.
    • Diodes,LEDs,Transistors.
    • Logic Gates.
    • Oscillators.
    • Introduction to Design on Bread Board & PCB
  2. Working of Sensors:
    • Infrared Sensors.
    • Visible Light Sensors.
    • Obstacle detector TSOP Sensors.
    • Introduction to various other sensors like: Audio sensors, Movement Sensors etc.
  3. Introduction and working of the IC’s used in the controller circuit.
  4. Introduction to Op-Amps.
  5. Working of Actuators.

Hands on design and development of few basic electronic circuits.

Hands on design and development of IR sensor module.

Introduction to Embedded Systems & Architecture of Arduino Platform.

  1. Introduction to Embedded System.
  2. Micro-processors v/s Micro-controllers
  3. System on chip architecture.
  4. Introduction to Arduino Platform.
  5. Architecture of Arduino Platform.
  6. Pin details.
  7. External hardware needed.

Programming techniques for Arduino Platform.

  1. Introduction to SDLC (Software Design Life Cycle).
  2. Basics of programming languages used in Arduino Platform.
    • Assembly Language.
    • Embedded C.
  3. Burning the code into the micro-controllers.
  4. Introduction to In System Programming & Off system Programming techniques.

Robots you will make during this workshop as mini projects:

  1. IR sensor based “Line Follower Robot” using logic gates.
  2. TSOP sensor based “Wall Follower Robot” using Arduino Platform.
  3. Sensor array based “Automated Guided Vehicle” using Arduino Platform.

Each participant will get two certificates:

  1. Workshop Certificate
  2. Certificate for completion of Three mini projects during the workshop.
Kit Components
  1. Chassis – 1 nos.
  2. Motors – 2 nos.
  3. Wheels – 2 nos.
  4. Castor wheel – 1 nos.
  5. IR sensor modules – 2 nos.
  6. Arduino Platform board – 1 set.
  7. Driver IC: L293D – 1 nos.
  8. Battery – 2 nos.
  9. Battery clips – 2 nos.
  10. Hook-up wires – 1 set.
  11. Wire stripper – 1 nos.
Totorial + Software DVD contents:
  1. Arduino Software.
  2. Multisim Software with Micro-controller unit.
  3. Tutorial on Arduino Platform.
  4. Tutorial on sensors.
  5. Tutorial on mechanical structure of Robot.

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