E-mail Etiquette Training, Pune

E-mail Etiquette Training, Pune


About The Event

Vinsys IT Services is conducting E-mail Etiquette Training in Pune on 25th April 2014.

Expert trainer, real-life scenarios, interactive sessions, in-class activities and participants handbook for ready reference.

Please e-mail enquiry {at} vinsys {dot} in or call +91 – 9011059307 / +91 – 9881151023 to enroll for this E-mail Etiquette Training in Pune on 25th April 2014 or Book Your Seat Now!

About The Course:

  • We need an e-mail, but our ability to organize that information is as important as getting it in the first place.
  • ‘Where is that file..?’ is normally now heard from someone peering into their E-Mail inbox rather than a filing cabinet. Also as you write that e-mail, will it soon be shared with your Boss or your Customers or allied readers, thus important to be careful with the choice of words.
  • e-Mail is a tremendously powerful tool which used effectively underpins all that is important in communication. It has crept into our lives and now dominates our work.
  • This course will also provide you with tips for plain English communications that will enhance your message.

Target Audience:

  • This session is for all those people in an organisation who understand the importance of communication and the value of time.

Duration: 10am to 2pm (4-hours)

Learning objectives:

By the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Employ effective email structure for crafting crisp and effective e-mails
  • Enhance the ability to get that tricky information
  • Empower oneself to be able to decide to speak and / or to write
  • Art of establishing conversations and cracking that deal
  • Power of a dialogue as compared to an e-mail
  • Write response oriented e-mails

Course Outline:

  • The Framework – state my path!
    • Fields required
    • Subject lines – Make it Safe!
    • Body – How to stay focused on what you really want?
      • Salutations
      • Message content – Putting it all together!
      • Closings – Move to Actions!
      • Signature file
  • Power of a Dialogue- Mastering the Critical Conversations!
    • When to talk and when to eMail
    • How to Stay in Dialogue When You are Angry, Scared, or Hurt
  • Minding the Details
    • Capitalization
    • Punctuation
      • Exclamation marks
      • Ellipses and dashes
      • Aggressive punctuation
    • Spelling
    • Abbreviations & emoticons
    • Responding to careless e-mailers
  • Being Organised Matters
    • Getting to the point – How to Write Persuasively, Not Abrasively
    • Paragraph length
    • Order of ideas
    • Development
    • Bulleting
  • Editing Your e-Mail Message
    • Sentence structure -
      • Sentence variety
      • Comma splice
      • Passive voice
    • Word choice – Cherry Pick your words!
      • Vague language
      • Wordiness & being ornate
      • Too few words
      • Trite language
    • Editing techniques
      • Proofreading
      • Spell check
      • Editing partners
      • Breaks
  • Other Rubrics
    • Relationship management
    • Automatic replies
    • Copying
    • Blind copying
    • Forwarding
      • When not to forward?
      • Making messages forwardable
    • Managing e-Mail dialogues
    • Attachments
    • Handheld devices
    • e-Mail templates
    • Urgent email
    • Read receipts
    • Managing e-Mail volume
    • Reader’s responsibilities

Please email enquiry {at} vinsys {dot} in for more information on our “E-mail Etiquette Training” in Pune scheduled on 25th April 2014.

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