Elixir For Entrepreneurs - The Business Series

Elixir For Entrepreneurs - The Business Series


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About The Event

Are you an Example or a Warning for your colleagues, friend and family. 

You can’t be both, so who are you?, "an example to follow or a warning not to follow", what you want to live for, and what you want to leave for your successors? Are you inspiring them or disempowering them? Actually, often what you think is not true, how you want your balance sheet to look like? There is more to business than money and growth.
Come and look at the larger canvas, new age ideas about business.
Content of the program:
  1. Identity - What do you stand for?
  2. Alignment - Is it in alignment with your values?
  3. Life Style - Does your business support your lifestyle?
  4. Connection - Are you present the problem and preferences of people around you
    And much more…
You idea and ideals about business will be blown away, it is surely not to be missed to get an insight on your business or to start a new one.
If you think you need to focus only one aspect..money, than you are looking at a very short term. Time to gather your missing piece of puzzle, come and attend in this All is Well Session
Also, we want to add a value to your business in our unique way, and it’s going to be a surprise.
The Program is By www.LoveHeals.in, please call Chaitali for more details on 80 80 30 5000.

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