Eliminate the Silent Killer - STRESS

Eliminate the Silent Killer - STRESS


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About The Event


Stress is a silent killer because you are silent about acknowledging & addressing it.  The available tools to reduce stress are many a times more incremental for creating further stress. 




If in the past the avergae age of people affected by stress was above twenty five, now it has come down to as low as 13.


Studies suggest that 55% of Indians are experiencing high levels of stress, 35% are under a moderate amount and only 10% are under low stress level. But, everyone has some or other stress!


If you think "Stress is not a major issue and it's normal for each one of us to be stressed in the given circumstances" then, let's look at some facts which will push you to rethink about it. 


·     If not addressed, can convert into Anxiety, Depression, Health issues like diabetes, High BP, Chronic pain, thyroid, Trauma.


·     Depression kills more number of people than drug abuse. 


·      Almost 59% of working professionals are affected by high levels of stress & by 2020 every 4th Indian would be on anti-depressant!


Given the alarming facts about STRESS, it has become even more critical to ELIMINATE it and not just manage it.






What will you Learn?


  • Identify the REAL SOURCE OF STRESS 
  • CURE STRESS by self
  • Take Charge of negative emotions. 
  • Shift from being Reactive to Responsive 
  • Get health back on track
  • Understand & solve the Burn out  of body & mind




What will you GAIN?


  • Harmony in RELATIOSHIPS 
  • Freedom from health ailments caused due to stress.
  • PEACE of MIND that enable you to use your energies in productive area. 
  • A balanced Work & Life




Who Should Attend? 


Those who want to understand stress and help fellow human beings to overcome it 




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