Electri Expo 2013

Electri Expo 2013


About The Event

Electri Expo 2013 will be one of the largest electrical exhibitions and will be held in Hyderabad for three days. This event is the first ever exhibition in this region which is dedicated to energy efficient electrical devices. This exhibition is going to highlight modern developments in electrical industry and will look at its emerging potentials. Business investment experts, CEOs, consultancy service providers and industry stalwarts will share the same platform and will exchange their views that can add new dimension to this sector. During this show sustainable electrical products and devices for industrial and consumer markets will be showcased. More than 70 exhibitors and 2500 visitors will gather under the same roof to discuss various aspects of energy efficient electrical products and devices.


The highlights of Electri Expo 2013 will include:

1. Platform to create brand name and image
2. Showcasing of latest energy efficient electrical products
3. Networking opportunities for manufacturers, dealers and suppliers
4. Interaction with industry leaders and corporate personnel

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