Elan Tattva Par Excellence Workshop

Elan Tattva Par Excellence Workshop


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About The Event

Par Excellence’ is a workshop specially designed for the pursuit of high impact personal excellence. The program integrates principles of NLP, Life Coaching, Mind Programming, Martial Arts. The course helps you to define and follow your goals (professional and personal) in a structured manner.

Do you want these?

• Are you ready to take full Charge of your Questfor Success & Unlimited Excellence?

• Ever wondered what it takes to makewinning a habit for a lifetime?

• Would you shy away from being apeople-magnet & attracting magnificent peopleinto your life?

• Increase your personal power & confidence withenhanced self esteem & tackle life’schallenges

• Do you worry about getting stuck in repeated &disempowering thinking patterns?Well, here is a chance to break free!• How would it feel if you can really enhancethe quality of your relationships(personal and professional)?

• Do you wish to learn how to create and maintainyour success network?


'Par Excellence' is a high powered Goal Setting program that integrates Eastern & Western approaches.

In this program you will be introduced to highly practical tools, techniques, and processes.

Key Highlights:
  1. Balance in Life Analysis

  2. Align goals with your deepest values

  3. Planning based on Future Pacing of Goals

  4. Creative Visualization that tunes you at a deep level to your goal outcomes

  5. Processes based on Martial arts to boost your energy and resourcefulness

  6. Tools like Vision Board, Believing Mirrors Network.

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