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Distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass and drums, vigorous vocals, epic riffs and wild headbanging. Elan is back with its signature event, the metal battle. Get ready to turn up your amps and set the stage on fire at El



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Distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass and drums, vigorous vocals, epic 
riffs and wild headbanging. 
Elan is back with its signature event, the metal battle. 
Get ready to turn up your amps and set the stage on fire at Elan-e-Jung!



Date : 22nd January 2017

Venue : IIT Hyderabad Permanent Campus

Prizes : 
    1st position : 
         Prizes worth Rs 30000 
         A chance to record their music in Soundkraft Recording Studio 
         A chance to perform at any Hard Rock Cafe across india for one 
         A chance to get featured in the main event of Mtv Xtreme or on 
         MTV Indies Channel 

    2nd position : 
         Prizes worth Rs 15000 

No. of Band members allowed : Maximum 7




  • In first Round of Screening participants have to upload their music performance on by downloading the app and use the college code 
    that will be given once the event registration will be done.
  • Deadline to upload videos is 15th January 2017 , 11:59PM 
  • No videos will be considered after the deadline 
  • Only team leader needs to register at 
  • Shortlisted bands get to perform at Elan-e-Jung finals, Elan 2017. 



  • 6 bands will be shortlisted after the preliminary round to perform at the Biggies Stage. 
  • Each band will be given 20 mins to perform on stage including sound check (subjected to changes). 



  • Any non-professional band is allowed to register. 
    You need not be a college band to participate in this event. 
  • Language is no criterion. 
    The band can be fully instrumental as well. 
    The genre of the band can be any variation of metal/hard rock. 
  • Registering team should send/upload only one demo in the process of registration. 
    The demo need not be a studio recording.
  • Bands cannot have more than 7 members. 
    Also, no person can play for more than 2 different bands.
  • Bands cannot share the same frontman.
  • ELAN reserves the right to shift any band's slot timings at any point of time before the prelims.
  • In case of any damage to the provided equipment, 
    the band will be fined for the damage and may be disqualified.
  • The decision is dependent on the nature of the damage and the judge's discretion. 
  • ELAN reserves the right to cancel the event in case of some unforeseen circumstances.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the judges and organizers will be final and binding for all. 
  • Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs is strictly prohibited on Campus. 
  • The decision of the organizers with respect to line-up is final and abiding. 
  • The ELAN 2017 team holds the right to change the rules at any moment of time. 



  • The winners will be announced by the judges immediately after the event. 
    Judge’s decision is considered final and should be abided by everyone. 
  • All the finalists will be given the participation certificates. 
  • The prize money will be distributed only among the top 2 teams. 
  • The crowd‘s response is considered important. 
  • The following will be looked in the teams/bands performance:
      • Entertainment

      • Public involvement

      • Energy

    • Attitude



Yash Pitroda 
Harshwardhan Praveen


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