Eid Fiesta With Kebabs At Ignis

Eid Fiesta With Kebabs At Ignis


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Eid Fiesta with Kebabs @ Ignis.

Coming with the new moon, the festival marks the end of 'Ramadan' - a month when Muslims fast throughout the day and eat only at night Prayers, feasts and family get- together are the major highlights of the eid ul fitr celebrations. Ignis celebrates the festival in the true spirit with a Kebab festival in the most traditional manner.

Enjoy the festival munching on the vegetarian and non- vegetarian kebabs like Tabahi Kebabs served with pita rounds with mango salsa, Goli Aalu Anardana served with melon chutney, Herbed chicken and khurmani kebabs served with four fresh herbs, tawa chicken and much more.

Basa Orange Kebab:
Marinated with zest and juice of orange, flavored with ajwain & sweet peprika, grilled on cast iron pan served with lemon chutney.

Tawa chicken:
Lightly marinated chicken with coriander and grilled on tawa.

Herbed Chicken and khurmani kebabs:
Pan seared minced chicken patties with apricots and four fresh herbs.

Murgh Tikka Aam Ki Chat Pat:
Chicken tikka drizzled with mango salsa.

Karachi Ke Chops With Aalu Bukhara:
Baby lamb chops, grilled with fresh herbs and served with plum chutney.

Tabahi Kebabs:
Fiery lentil kebabs served on pita rounds with mango salsa.

Teeley wala paneer and anannas kali mirch:
Grilled black peppered paneer & pineapple on skewers served with fresh pineapple salsa

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