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 WANT TO HOST YOUR OWN EFT WORKSHOPS? or BECOME AN EFT TRAINER AND TRAIN PRACTITIONERS. I will be running 4 days EFT TRAINERS PROGRAM IN UK & INDIA for those who want to host EFT workshops, for example Borrowing benefit

EFT Trainers Training - 4 Day - Mumbai - Jan 31st to Feb 3rd


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About The Event



I will be running 4 days EFT TRAINERS PROGRAM IN UK & INDIA for those who want to host EFT workshops, for example Borrowing benefits workshop or one day EFT workshops on stress relief or fear of public speaking. 

During the 4 days I will teach how to:

1. Introduce EFT to groups with ease and joy
2. Shift from being a practitioner to becoming a trainer
3. Run effortless demos and practice sessions
4. Understand group dynamics and how to cope with every situation
5. Being seen, heard and felt from the stage
6. Clear any limiting beliefs to be able to successfully run your own workshops
7. Logistics, administration and marketing for workshops and training
8. How to build rapport with audiences from 5 to 5000
9. Use energy and exercises to engage the group
10. How to create your own workshop themes
11. Learn the 3 Es of being a great trainer
12. Identify your optimum trainer state
13. Learn the 4-MAT system to structure presentations that cater to every learning style
14. How to engage all the different types of people at your training
15. Coping with hecklers or too many questions
16. How to deliver a great start to any training, engage in the middle and finish with a high 

People come on EFT Trainers Program for all kinds of reason from a desire to:

  • Become an EFT Trainer
  • Run EFT workshops
  • Become known as an expert in your field
  • Add an additional income stream
  • Increase clients and client base
  • Wanting to share EFT on a much larger scale
  • Increase your income as a practitioner or workshop facilitator



  • Running your own EFT Training programs and workshops
  • Being the best presenter and trainer you can possibly be
  • Being able to certify EFT Practitioners, for those who want to become an AAMET approved TRAINER
  • Increasing your credibility in your local area and become known as the expert
     and go to practitioner and workshop facilitator
  • Launching yourself as a key person of influence in EFT and be invited to present at workshops
  • Earning a living whilst transforming and empowering other people
  • Having the most powerful personal development experience there is


BONUS MATERIAL: In addition to training and manual you will receive HOW TO INTRODUCE EFT slide kit and syntax,  EFT Level 1 and 2 slide kit and syntax, stress relief module, fear of public speaking module and how to run a workshop on clearing limiting beliefs as well as DVD of EFT Level 1 and 2 Training for your review. 

If you wish to become an AAMET approved TRAINER there are additional criteria that need to be fulfilled before-hand:

  • Full Level 3 certification for min one year
  • 2 x client references
  • Copy of insurance certificates for past 3 years
  • Confirmation of min 200 client sessions
  • 2 x case histories (as per AAMET example)
  • Reference from trainer
  • Copies of Level 2 and 3 certification
  • Evidence of group experience using Borrowing Benefits or Tearless Trauma (supply name, number and email of 2 attendees who are happy to be contacted for feedback should we decide to do so)
  • Proof of experience and/or qualification in the teaching of adult students preferably in a healing art
  • Attend Level 1 and Level 2 AAMET practitioner trainings with selected Trainers Trainer, with written report of suitability for TT. Fee negotiable at Trainer's discretion. The Trainers have the right to refuse the application, and to defer the decision to the TT.
  • Evidence of supervision with AAMET certified trainer, email and phone no of AAMET supervisor
  • List of CPD points obtained in last year
  • Abide by the AAMET's Code of Ethics.

Fast TRACK Trainers Training

For those who want to become an AAMET approved Trainer I run a fast track program is you meet all the AAMET criteria. It involved coming as a Training Assistant to our EFT Level 1 and 2 as well as attending a one day Trainers Training with myself. To qualify for this program significant prior experience is needed with clients as well as already running borrowing benefots workshops. 

Requirements for existing AMT Trainers wanting to join AAMET

The AAMET welcomes AMT Trainers and a discussion is required prior as there is a difference in the syllabus.

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